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Take control of your mind

 Our mind is the most important part of our body to make us understand the world and live happy life. But in this world, we constantly meet many people who try to take control of our minds in their hands by influencing us. We become so convinced of their actions and talks that we start following them blindly. It is very important to retake control of our minds from others so that we can take the right and independent decisions in life. Even advertisements are also used to influence us and force us to buy things that we may not need. In this world, consciously and unconsciously we see many attacks on our minds by others. Different people have different motives behind it. Some people want to control us, some want to influence us, some want to make us unhappy and some have other agendas. We can only guard our minds against all this when we have a strong mind and make us free from the influence of others. To achieve all, you can read all the posts related to mind on this blog. 

All posts on the Mind

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