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Best Books you must read in New Year

A book is a gift you can open again and again. Garison Keillor  I have learned many important lessons in life by reading some useful books. These books helped me to not repeat the same mistakes that were done by the authors of the book. Mostly, we don't give the book the respect which they deserve because we don't know how much valuable knowledge is stored in them. We can easily become any kind of person we want to become by reading these books. There is a book available in the stores on almost all the topics we need. Moreover, most of these books are not very expensive and we all can afford them. I love to read books because they have helped me to learn many things and experiences which otherwise I may have never got. I am able to make the right decisions in my life because of the knowledge gained through the books. Some people may claim that bookish knowledge is not that effective but it is better than having nothing. Below, I am going to list some good and interesting books

Are you looking for your life partner? then find it in a best way.

Today, life is becoming quite easy for many people, thanks to the revolutions brought by the internet. Thanks to the fast internet connections like 4G, we can easily live chat with others through high-quality video chats or we can enjoy good quality videos of others. This revolution has helped people to come together despite the geographical boundaries and long distances. This thing is helping many people who want to get married. We all know that marriage is an important part of any person's life and almost every person dreams about a happy marriage and a good life partner.  Marriage Quote - "Marriage is our last and best chance to grow up" Joseph Barth But, we all know that it is not an easy task to find the life partner of our choice because the person we are looking for may be present at a different location than us. Here comes the role of the internet and innovative marriage sites like which help people looking for life partners to find them with the

Is Bollywood in the grip of narcotics?

  Recently, I wrote an article on the penetration of drugs and narcotics in Bollywood and now, it has become quite true that the use of narcotics is a reality. Initially, many people did not believe in the statement of Rhea Chakraborty that narcotics have deeply penetrated in the Bollywood parties and life of Bollywood stars. Now it has become a common story that there is a chain of people involved in supplying these highly restricted and banned drugs to Bollywood stars. This thing becomes even worse when we see millions of youth making these Bollywood stars as their role models. We may or may not get the truth of Rhea and Sushant's story ; however, we have got the truth of the Bollywood industry through these revelations.  These harmful drugs are banned for some reason across the world because they have the potential of destroying one's life. Already thousands of young people die every year because of the side effects of these harmful drugs. Many people come into the trade of

Penetration of illegal drugs and narcotics in Bollywood

 The death mystery of film actor Sushant Rajput has raised many questions and one such big question is about the use of illegal drugs or narcotics in Bollywood. We are still waiting for the truth of the Sushant and Rhea love story , however, one thing is becoming clear with the arrest of so many drugs pedallers that the use of illegal drugs is very common in Bollywood. Illegal drugs use is already a big threat for many people across India and every day, we see lots of people losing their lives because of it. However, the biggest problem is that no one wants to reach the big fishes in this racket because they enjoy the shelter of strong and powerful people.  Through, this article, I not only want to target Bollywood but I want to show the bigger threat of this problem. Alcohol abuse is already a big problem in India and many people die every year by drinking bad/counterfeit alcohol. Already, we have seen bold movies like Udta Punjab on this topic which has tried to put light on this pr

Make a Tasty and Healthy Aloe Vera juice at Home (4K Video)

  I am an Aloe Vera lover and I am using this plant for many years and I have always found good results from its use. With time, I have learned to use Aloe Vera properly. There are many Aloe Vera products available in the market but I prefer to make my own Aloe Vera product as much as possible. One of them is Aloe Vera juice, we can find many brands of Aloe Vera juices in the market. My reasons for not using them are the high price and use of chemicals (preservatives) in them. By making our own Aloe Vera juice, we can save both money and health.  Also Read - How make Tasty Arabi Ke Pakode (Pateed)                                 Best Home Workout Machines for You It is very easy to make Aloe Vera juice and we can make fresh Aloe vera juice every time we need it. We can easily grow an Aloe Vera plant in a small pot and it does not require much care like the other plants. Only you need to give it water every third day in summers and every sixth day in winter. I have my own Aloe Vera plan


Last time, I shared with you an easy and tasty method to make Tori (Ridge Gour) ki sabzi . Today, I will share a simple and fast method to cook tasty Calabash (Bottle Gourd) Sabzi under 5 minutes. To make this sabzi, I have chosen a desi variety of Bottle gourd. Calabash is quite popular in India because of its health properties. It is very rich in essential nutrients like vitamins (B1, Vit C) and minerals (Calcium, Potassium). Therefore, we should add it to our food. However, lots of people don't like it because they say that its sabzi is not tasty. Today, I will change it for them by sharing a recipe that is very easy and tasty too. The good point about this sabzi recipe is that we will not use onions to make it. Check -  How make Tasty Arabi Ke Pakode (Pateed) Ingredients you need to make Sabzi of Calabash - 1) Cooking Oil (My choice Mustard Oil) 2) One Tablespoon Cumin seeds and five cloves of garlic and some ginger. 3) Haldi, Red Chilli powder, Kashmiri Mirch, and salt as per

Beautiful Garden Flower (HD) Pictures (Garden Flower Ideas)

 Flowers are many times used to describe beauty because they represent beauty in many ways. We all love to have beautiful flowers around us or in our gardens as they present a beautiful atmosphere in front of us. It is always a feast for eyes when we cross through a garden full of blooming flowers. All the emperors and strong people of the world have created many gardens around the world to witness the beauty of flowers. I do love to have a small garden around me with some beautiful flowers on it. I will share with you some of the beautiful flower pictures from my garden. Though flowers have a short life but with the help of a camera, I love to capture their pictures and make them live forever. From these pictures, you can also take the idea of flowers for your garden. I hope that these garden flower pictures will be loved by all and God gives me more chance to capture more such beautiful pictures of the flowers.  Also Read -  Best Books to read in New Year                            

Truth of Sushant Rajput and Rhea Chakraborty Love Story

Read in Hindi Today, the whole of the world is eagerly waiting for the truth in the love story of Sushant Rajput and Rhea Chakraborty. This story came to limelight when Shushant's father blamed Riya for the suicide of Sushant. Suddenly,  Rhea  Chakraborty who was a positive character in the story becomes a negative character, and we start seeing daily postmortem of their relationship on the leading TV channels. Daily we see TV channels flooded with new stories and audio clippings related to the past life of Sushant and  Rhea . All this has put a question mark on their love story.  Was it really a love story or it was something else.  The love story of Shushant and Rhea has taken a bad shape because it has a bad ending with the death of Sushant. His death came as a shock for the whole nation and no one believed in the news that he can commit suicide. Sushant was a bold character according to the people who have lived around him. Therefore, everyone is shocked that what happened whic

Threat to Indian Peafowls (Peacocks)

Read in Hindi  A few years ago, it was common in the media to read such news as "20 peacocks were found dead", "Indians could no longer be proud as a house of peacocks", "peacocks were poisoned", "peacocks on the verge of extinction.". During my childhood, it was very common to see peacocks in most rural areas of India; However, as I grew, I noticed a sharp decrease in the number of peacocks. Earlier in the state of Punjab in India, you could usually see peacocks sitting quietly in the fields or on the terrace. However, due to poaching, indiscriminate use of poisons, and pesticides, the number of peacocks has declined sharply and it has become very unusual to see these beautiful birds. In 1991, the population count for Indians peacocks by WWF India found that after India's independence, the peacock population has halved in India. Killing peacocks is a non-bailable offense in India and anyone who kills peacocks can be imprisoned for three yea

Journey of the Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh through Beautiful (HD) Pictures

My native village is situated in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh and due to this reason, I visit here often. Mostly, I carry with me my camera. If the camera is not taken then I have my mobile camera as a backup. In this video presentation, you can find a glimpse of life in and around Kangra. From small hills to high Dhauladhar peaks, there are many unique places to visit in Kangra district like Forts, Monasteries, ancient temples, Kangra Toy Train. Everyone knows about the world-famous paragliding site Bir-Billing and Masroor Rock Temples which is also situated in Kangra (district). I invite people to visit this place and enjoy its beauty and peace. However, those who can't come can enjoy this high definition video presentation. This video will help you to understand the lifestyle of people of Kangra and how geographical versatile it is. This video also reflects my journeys and interacts with peoples of Kangra.  Video Presentation of Kangra District - 

How to get certificate/documents in Digilocker? P.S.E.B Class X Marksheet

  Read in Hindi In the last article, I told you about the simple method to add yourself to the Google search . Today, I will update you about the DigiLocker and how to use it? We live in a digital world where most of the things are available to us digitally. This includes our important documents like school/college certificates, government-issued identity cards, other documents. We can easily access these documents digitally and they are 100% valid for all legal purposes. To get and store these documents, we have a popular app called Digilocker. On the Digi locker app, any person can find his important digital documents like Aadhar card, driving licenses, vehicle registration details, insurance details, and educational certificates.  Many boards and universities like Punjab School Education Board has started issuing fresh certificates through this platform only. The mark sheets for the class X, VIII, and V 2020 exams are issued through digilocker only. Now, we need to understand that D

Now add yourself to Google Search with the help of 'Add me to Search' option

  Mostly, we see that Google shows the profile of celebrities on Google search with special highlights and details, however, this feature was not available to ordinary people to date. Now Google has changed this approach and they have allowed ordinary people like me and you to have a special highlighted search appearance on the Google search results for your Name Search on Google. In a simple way, now you can manage what people will see on Google search when someone looks for your name on the Google search.  If anyone wants to take advantage of this feature then he needs to type 'Add me to Search' on the Google search page. So far this option is only available on the mobile browser and you can't use this feature on your desktop. After typing 'Add me to Search', you need to click on the get started option. This option will take you to a form. You will need to fill this form with the details which you want to appear on the Google search. After submitting the form, you

How to cook tasty Ram Tori (Torai, Ridge Gourd) ki Sabzi?

Read in Hindi   We all need to eat food to remain healthy and active in life. To eat food, we first need to cook it. With time cooking has evolved in our world and today, we can find many methods to cook delicious food. Indian cooking is very versatile and we can find many different methods of cooking. Last time, I shared with you recipe Cooking Gajjar Ka Halwa with skimmed milk powder . Today, I will share with you to cook a tasty sabzi of Torai (Ram Tori) which is called Ridge Gourd. It is a healthy vegetable with many health benefits and it is very cool on the stomach and liver. Ram Tori is a good source of vitamin A, Iron, and dietary fibers, therefore, we should add it to our diet.  Many people grew Torai in their kitchen garden or in any empty space near their homes. This plant grows in the form of a clambering plant and can reach many feet above the surface. A good plant of a Ridge Gourd can give dozens of fruits over a time of 20 to 30 days. It is a vegetable of summers and rai

Success Mantra Lesson 3 - Smile (Role of it in Life)

In the last post on Success Mantras , you read Lesson 2 - Good Health . Through, this lesson we got to understand the importance of good health for enjoying a successful life. Today, I will share with you another simple but important habit that can help us in becoming a successful person. I am talking about the four-word letter ' smile' which has a very strong power in it because what can not be achieved with big fights can be achieved by a simple smile. The world is a reflection of our behavior. How we behave towards it, the similar way it behaves towards us. If we smile at the world then the world will also smile at us.  Mostly, we all live a very complex life and in this complexity, we miss many ordinary attributes of life which can make our life wonderful. One of the simplest secrets of life to remain happy and to make others happy is to smile unconditionally.  There are a lot of grieves present in everyone's life. Nobody wants to see dull and lifeless faces, and we

Sudeeksha Bhati - Another girl becoming a victim of the ill mentality of a few males

Read in Hindi Another life of a wonderful girl with many dreams and hopes is lost for the poor mental attitude of a few males who still consider women inferior sex in India. Sudeeksha Bhati was an inspiration for millions of helpless girls in India to achieve something big in life.  She has written on a twitter account that she is ' An unapologetic advocate of women empowerment and education. '  But sadly, her own dream of empowerment and education was shattered by few people with small thinking towards the woman.  Roughly two years back, Sudeeksha Bhati, daughter of tea stall owner created history by getting scholarship worth Rs 3.8 crores from HCL for studying in top US college. She scored 98% marks in her CBSE intermediate exams. Every Indian felt proud of her achievement and we felt that we have got another great mind who will make Indians proud in the near future. However, no one ever thought that Sudeeksha Bhati's life will be so short. The saddest point of this conv

Focus on Indian origin products is the key to success (Made in India)

 Recently, Prime Miniter of India stressed on the need to develop more and more products of Indian origin so that the Indian dependence of international import decreases. Today, we have a trade deficit with many countries and China is on the top in this category. Even small-2 items like Rakhi, Decorative items, Indian idols, and many inexpensive things are coming from China. The problem is that we become dependent on everything in China. There are many big names and big brand in India who depends on Chinese raw material or parts for the completion of their products. Sometimes, they import up to 90% of material from China and later assemble them in India by level them as Indian products.  Such practices also need to be addressed and we should start developing all things in India with no material imported from any other country. By encouraging the businesses to make products in India, we can help India in becoming a development hub. Supporting Indian brands and products means we are supp

Some of the Best and Time tested Home Workout machines

Read in Hindi  In the present world, it is very common to feel exhausted and tired after the daily work routine. For many people, this daily routine is so hectic that they don't get time to exercise or relax. But we know that it is very important for the body to do some exercise and have some relaxed time. Due to this fast life, people are suffering from various problems like obesity, blood circulation issues, pain in different parts of the body. It is important for us to take care of these health issues before they take any bad shape. Good health is the most valued thing in this world and we should never compromise on our health. We need a balance in our life so that we do not hurt our health badly. Today, we can find many innovative products in the market which are making it easy for people to do quality exercise in less time. I will share with you some of the similar exercises and massaging machines that are time-tested and they are good at providing results to you. Some of thes

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Importance of clean environment

Read in Hindi  It is very important to take care of our environment because our health and our survival on the earth directly depends on the health of our environment. It is very easy to find dirt and pollution at many places across the world and a large population of the world is living in these bad and unhygienic conditions. People are drinking unclean drinking water and they are breathing polluted air; so, this pollution of the environment is causing many people to suffer from various health problems. Whereas if we live in a clean environment then we can live a healthy life and we can achieve this by understanding the importance of a clean environment. Sadly, we see very little being done to address this matter and we are slowly creating more polluted spaces on earth. Today, it is very hard to find clean places in several parts of the world. Slowly, the governments across the world are opening eyes to address this issue. It is very important for every individual in th

Who are Katoch? (Kuldevi Temple)

Katoch Kuldevi  Picture Katoch Kuldevi Kangra Fort (Jai Ho Maa) Katoch clan is a name of one of the ruling caste from India. Katoch is a prominent Rajput (Kshatriyas) caste of India and they basically belong to the Chandravanshi Rajput clan. Katochs have the main predominance in the states of Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand, and Jammu. Katoch means a good skillful swordsman and earlier, Katochs were known for their sword skills. Katoch Royal family is the oldest surviving Royal family in the world and they still live in 'Clouds End Villa', Dharamsala. Famous Kangra Fort A few of the great and famous kings of this clan were king Porus who fought against King Alexander, King of Kangra Sansar Chand Katoch under whom Katoch kingdom flourished and saw his golden period, and Rajanaka Bhumi Chand who founded the Katoch dynasty. The main link between the Katoch clan and Kangra (HP, India) can be established by the long period of rule by the Katoch kings over Kangra a

How to get certificate/documents in Digilocker? P.S.E.B Class X Marksheet

  Read in Hindi In the last article, I told you about the simple method to add yourself to the Google search . Today, I will update you about the DigiLocker and how to use it? We live in a digital world where most of the things are available to us digitally. This includes our important documents like school/college certificates, government-issued identity cards, other documents. We can easily access these documents digitally and they are 100% valid for all legal purposes. To get and store these documents, we have a popular app called Digilocker. On the Digi locker app, any person can find his important digital documents like Aadhar card, driving licenses, vehicle registration details, insurance details, and educational certificates.  Many boards and universities like Punjab School Education Board has started issuing fresh certificates through this platform only. The mark sheets for the class X, VIII, and V 2020 exams are issued through digilocker only. Now, we need to understand that D

Download Hindi Thoughts (Suvichar) with Meaning App (Best of Hindi Thoughts and Quotes)

In 2015, I wrote a similar post for my Hindi Thoughts (Suvivhar) app. (To read this post Click Here ). In this post, I requested you to download and try my Hindi Thoughts app. I am Arvind Katoch and I am running my Hindi Thoughts (Suvichar) and Quotes site for the last 10 years. Today, this site offers millions of Hindi Thoughts, Hindi Quotes, and Suvichar in the form of HD picture messages. You also get a chance to read the translation of all Hindi Thoughts with their meanings in Hindi and English.  To make it easy for you to read these Hindi Thoughts and Quotes, I create many Hindi Thoughts (Suvichar) App, and the name of my first app was Best of Hindi Thoughts and Quotes. With time, we need to leave the old app for the new and improved version. The last two apps got more than one million downloads and 4 plus ratings on Google play.  Now I have launched a new version of the app which allows you to even read the meanings of the Hindi Thoughts and Hindi

Videos and Pictures of Batt Puja Kangra Himachal

Kangra Belt of Himachal is known for number of festivals. Batt Puja is also one of it. This Puja is believed to be must for every married couple in this belt and mostly performed by every married couple. Recently, I also got chance to visit one Puja. This Puja is believed to help people by clearing their way to Heaven and help in acquiring credit of other fast and religious rituals. Though, slowly these traditions are dying and new generations are going away from these traditions. Therefore, I thought of uploading videos and pictures of this Puja so that next generations can watch our rich tradition. Video is not very fine still it provide a good watch. Video 1- Video 2- Video 3-