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 We all live life and try hard to make our life the best life. Some people succeed in this endeavour while others fail. Mostly, the number of people who fail to improve their lives is more than the number of people who succeed in making their lives better. There are many reasons behind it and one of such issue is that we don't understand life properly. We run behind others and follow them so blindly that we give them control of our life. Life is a journey involving many ups and down. On this journey, we meet many complex people and situations. They all take our test. To have a happy relationship in life is the objective of every person but we all are not lucky in this field. A strange race to influence or manipulate others is constantly occurring across us. To live a good life, it is essential to have control of our lives in our hands otherwise we can't enjoy our life. Problems are a standard part of every person's life and we should never fear them. We can learn greatly from the experience of others to live a good and happy life. I have written a series of articles on life and I hope that they can help you in achieving the aim of a successful and happy life. 

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