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Some of the Best and Time tested Home Workout machines

In the present world, it is very common to feel exhausted and tired after the daily work routine. For many people, this daily routine is so hectic that they don't get time to exercise or relax. But we know that it is very important for body to do some exercise and have some relaxed time. Due to this fast life, people are suffering from various problems like obesity, blood circulation issues, pain in different parts of the body. It is important for us to take care of these health issues before they take any bad shape. Good health is the most valued thing in this world and we should never compromise on our health. We need a balance in our life so that we do not hurt our health badly. Today, we can find many innovative products in the market which are making it easy for people to do quality exercise in less time. I will share with you some of the similar exercises and massaging machines that are time-tested and they are good at providing results to you. Some of these machines are ver…
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Ankle and foot pain are becoming common in men and women

Read in Hindi Today due to the hectic lifestyle of people, we are seeing many common health problems emerging in people. Today, I will discuss the ankle and foot pain. Last year, suffered very badly with ankle pain and it took me around one year to get rid of this problem. Moreover, I came across lots of people in the last two years who are suffering from either pain in the ankle or feet. This pain can be associated with a single foot or with the booth feet. There may be many reasons behind these pains but few of the most common causes are lack of calcium and Vitamin D in the body. Health problems like arthritis are also responsible for many types of pains in the feet. Other common issues are like Achilles Tandon, Achilles Tendinosis, chronic lateral ankle pain, bursitis, osteochondral lesions of the Talus (OLT), infections, etc. I have seen that most of the problems come out because of the weakness in the body. Today, unhealthy lifestyles and jobs where we need to stand for a long ti…

Now store unlimited pictures for Free with Google Photos

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Today, we live in a digital world and in this world, digital pictures play an important role. Thanks to cheap smartphones with a decent camera, now anyone can click thousands of pictures. Earlier, in the days of cameras with films, we have limited capacity to take pictures and it was quite an expensive affair. Now we don't have to worry about either expense or developing pictures anymore because smartphone directly gives us a digital copy of the pictures which can be viewed on any digital device. With the increase in the storage capacity of the phones, we can store thousands of pictures on our mobile. 
However, with each passing year, the numbers of pictures in our storage keep on increasing and we need some alternate medium to store our pictures. One of the options is to store pictures in a hard drive but to do so we first need to buy a hard drive which is an expensive option for many people. Therefore, we need a reliable solution which needs to be economical too. The…

Shakuntala Devi - A mathematics Genius

There are many extraordinary people's lives or lived in our world and sometimes, we have no idea about them. Recently, I watched the movie 'Shakuntala Devi' and through, this movie I came to know about legendary personality Shakuntala Devi, a mathematics genius. This movie inspired me to know more about her. She got main fame when she defeated the super-fast computer of her time in mathematics calculations. Her mathematical skills were so advanced that she was able to beat the calculation done by the computer. Even there was also one incident in which she gave the right answer to a mathematical question while the computer gave the wrong answer.
Her exceptional mathematic skills earned her name and fame; she was even given a place in Genius Book of world records in 1982. The biggest strange point about the Shakuntala Devi was that she never got a formal education but still, she was able to create many new techniques for children to make mathematics easy. Later in life, she a…

Finally the Start of Ram Mandir Construction (A long awaited desire of Indians)

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Finally, the day has come when India will welcome with open hands the construction of the new Lord Rama temple at Ayodhya. Many Indians have waited for this temple for hundreds of years and there are many who have fought for it with their lives. I am not an advocate of any religion and do not want to pass this event as any victory over any religion; however, I see this day as a celebration for all Indians. I do not want to go into the controversies associated with the construction of this temple because for the betterment of everyone it is in the best interest to forget all the bad memories of past and start new with the happiness of temple construction. 
Lord Rama is very important for India because India is built around his philosophies and path shown by him. If we go in history then we can find many incidences where powerful rulers of other religions have tried to destroy the current heritage and religious beliefs of people. It is the biggest sin done by such rulers wh…

Audio Books Vs Conventional Books (Which are Best)

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If a human being wants to learn many valuable lessons of life in a small-time then he must read good books because every book is filled with the real-life experience of a person. Due to this reason, we see millions of books being written around the world from the time of writing has come to existence. Today, we know about many interesting things and facts from the past because they were available to us as written documents. I do love reading and I have read many books including some of the best selling books like 'How to win a friend and influence people' and 'Think and Grow Rich'. It is not just about these two books, there are millions of other good books available for our reading and we can read them according to our taste. 
Like me, millions of people have read these books and got the help of these books to learn many valuable lessons to succeed in life and become a successful person. A single book has great power to change our life. There are many peop…

Movie Review - Shakuntala Devi (A movie based on the complexities of human relationship)

Last time, I shared with you my review of the Amitabh Bachan starter movie Gulabo Sitabo. I watched this movie on the Prime videos and now again, I am back with another review of an interesting movie 'Shakuntala Devi' which is a story of an Indian woman who was referred to as a human-computer because of her sharp mathematic solving techniques. Shakuntala Devi was so sharp in mathematics that numbers of times she defeated the world's fastest computers of that era. The amazing thing to know about her was that she never got a formal education in mathematics. 
In the COVID times, people are stuck inside their homes and all cinema halls across the country are closed. So the online video streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Videos have become a hope for people because they are launching some new movies through their platforms. Overall, Shakuntala Devi movie is much more than a mathematics thriller. It is again a good movie that highlights the complexities of human relationships…

Movie Review - Gulabo Sitabo (A wonderful movie)

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There are some movies in Bollywood which are made with great perfection and we feel satisfied after watching them. These movies have a great storyline and they give a wonderful message to all. Today, I got a chance to watch Amitab Bachan starer movie "Gulabo Sitabo". It is one of the first movies to be released on the online platform. I also watched it on Amazon Prime Videos
Initially, I was skeptical about the high rating given to this film; however, after watching it, I realized that it is a wonderful movie. The main backbone of the film is its perfect story and great acting by the cast specially Amitab Bachan. The good point about this movie is that it looks like a very realistic movie and you feel that you are watching something real. 
Gulabo Sitabo is a great try in Bollywood to make more movies with deep meanings. This movie highlights the bad points of human greed and how many people are in the control of greed. With a beautiful story, this movie gives th…