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Taking the Challenges in Life

Life is not a walk on the roses but it is a constant walk with surprising outcomes on each corner. Challenges will always emerge from nowhere and try to derail the otherwise smooth life. Under such circumstances, it all depends on the strength of nerves of a human being. Sometimes, the challenges are very big and they simply look impossible to tackle. People with strong nerves stay firm on their ground while people with weak nerves accept the failure.

The best way in life is mostly a difficult way which challenges us on all the grounds. Everyone should have the courage to take the difficult path and make their nerves strong. The more difficulties, we will face in life, the more strong nerves we will develop. The people with strong nerves are not some people from the alien world but they are the people who have faced maximum difficulties and challenges in their life.

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The biggest beauty of the challenges is that they help us to grow and become…
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Saying Goodbye to worry and Sadness

Within a few hours, we will enter a new year and gets a new opportunity to live a life in a new way. With the start of a new year, the first thing each person needs to do is to say goodbye to the old worries and sadnesses. Every person should try to leave the bad things of the past in the past only and there is no need to carry these things with you to the future. 

It is a common tendency of the human beings to worry about many things which may never occur. If something happens to someone else we start worrying that this may happen to us also. However, we need to keep in mind that every person is different and his life is different, therefore, it is not necessary that what happens to others will also happen to you. So let's worry less and live more worry-free. 

Sadness is the second enemy of every person and every person suffers from it. But it is not right to stick to the sadness and we need to move forward in life. Many things will happen in life which will make us sad, however, w…

Walking is the best and easiest exercise available with us

The main reason behind most of the health problems in humans is a tendency to avoid exercise. If any person is doing exercise regularly then his chances of suffering from any disease or illness are very less. I have already explained to you in Success Mantras Lesson 2 - Good Health that good health is the most important part of success in life and any success is not fruitful if comes at the cost of health. We can only enjoy any success in life if we have good health, therefore, it is very important to maintain good health at any cost. 

To have good health, we need to eat healthy food and do some regular exercise. However, most people do not do enough exercise and they tend to avoid it. People are always ready with many excuses to not exercise. Some say that exercises are hard to do or some say that they don't have time to visit a gym. To all these people, I would like to say that they can exercise very easily by just walking for some time. According to many studies, it is found tha…

Amazing Happy New Year Wishes

It is always a good idea to welcome something that is new. Each year, we get this opportunity by celebrating a new year. The future always comes with many surprises and we always wish that new year should bring happiness and good luck to our loved ones. The best way to wish some a Happy New Year is to send him good Happy New Year wishes.I have collected some of best and amazing Happy New Year wishes for you and you can use these wishes to make the new year of others a happy event. (Top 10 Picture based New Year Cards

"New year is a blank book, My best wishes for you to convert it to a beautiful story. Happy New Year"
2) "Wishing you a new year that makes your dreams true and brings you happiness and prosperity. Happy New Year"
3) "It is time to say goodbye to the past year and enter the new year with great hope and Enthusiasm. Happy New Year"
4) "Another fresh New Year is here to love and to banish all worries, doubts and fears. Happy N…

Don't allow others to play with your mind?

If any person can anyhow succeed in reaching your mind, then he gets a chance to control you and your behavior because our mind has the power to control our body and behavior. Therefore, it is very important to guard our mind against any such attempt. 

The main problem is that our mind is constantly attacked to get access to it. People try to reach our mind through their talks, gestures, and behaviors. On the other hand, advertisers and strong people try to reach our mind with the help of advertisements, fake news or other universal methods. 

Here the biggest catch is that we often don't have an idea of any attempt to play with our mind. Many people's mind is played with and they are used as Ginni pigs by others to fulfill their dreams. Now it is your choice to remain in the control of others or take back the control of your mind. 

We can only think independently and freely when our mind is either not controlled or influenced by others. We can take control of our mind by taking c…

Another new year is coming (Thoughts for New Year)

Every year, we see the same story repeated in front of us and this story keeps on repeating itself till we are alive. A new year comes and an old year says goodbye. I believe that the concept of having years has many advantages because each coming year comes with an opportunity to change our lives and adds some new twist to it. If we are not living our lives as we wanted to then we can always have a new year to do it. In just a few days, we will enter a new year and we can make this year a year of our dreams coming true. 

Many people never get the courage to live a life about which they always dreamt because their fears stop them midway.  I have already explained in my previous post "Your fears are keeping you down" that how our fears are bad for us. We need to learn to deal with our fears. Fears are a common part of our life and they affect every person on this planet. Successful people are those who know well to surpass their fears and look for new hopes in their dreams. 

I …

Release of Rs 100 coin in the memory of Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi released a Rs 100 coin in the memory of Atal Bihari Vajpayee. From the time of introduction of Indian currency, our currency has seen many changes. From time to time, our governments release such coins to celebrate the contribution of eminent personalities in shaping India. Atal Bihari Vajpayee was also one such leader who was loved by all people. During his life, Vajpayee lived a simple life and never indulged in any kind of corruption during his career. It is quite difficult to find such leaders who put their country ahead of their own self.

The main features of this coin are an emblem of India on one side and portrait of Atal Bihari Vajpayee on the other side. Tomorrow is the birthday of Late Vajpayee and this coin is released just one day before his birthday. It is a commemorative coin and will be available in limited edition. Vajpayee is the one leader who did great work in shaping today's BJP. Today, BJP has emerged as a biggest political p…