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Why reading books is essential for Personality Development? Advantage of Book Reading

Books are present in our world for hundreds of years and till today; they find an important place in our lives. Billions of people from across the world love to read books of their choice because books are great treasures of useful knowledge. By reading a book about particular subjects, you can learn a lot about that   subjects even   you may not have ever seen those subjects personally. This is a great advantage of any good book. Today, in the world we can find millions of books written about millions of things. Books offer a great opportunity in front of an expert to share his learning and knowledge with curious readers. Buy Daily Quotes Books   There is no end to knowledge in the world and no one can learn everything through his self-experience because there is so much to discover. Her books come to our help. They dissolve in themselves great knowledge for mankind and spread it to every reader. Therefore, when you read a book you learn something new, and more books you read more new

Does attack of Russia on Ukraine is justified?

 Today, the Russia-Ukraine war has entered the second month and this war is leaving behind lots of devastation and catastrophe. It is quite surprising to see millions of innocent people suffering in the present times. The common people are responsible for bringing this war, however, they are the biggest losers in it. The big leaders of both sides whether it is Russian President Putin or Ukrainian President Zelensky are putting their egos above the lives of innocent people from both sides. The heavy bombardment by the Russian army is converting many beautiful cities of Ukraine into ghost towns. We can find the solution to any problem by finding the common grounds through talks however, attacking a nation is not a solution.  The blame game can be very big and the world is divided on fixing who is the main culprit for war. Though, the majority of the world condemns the approach of Russia in handling this matter and threatening a country like Ukraine which is much smaller and weaker than i

Some of the Best Daily Thoughts and Quotes Picture Message

 Here is a small collection of beautiful picture messages of daily quotes and thoughts for you. As you are aware that we create multiple high-quality daily quotes and thoughts as picture messages on our site . On this site, you can read thousands of high-quality daily quote pictures with their meanings. From this site, we bring you a few selected daily thoughts for you. Last time, I submitted a post on this site Daily Quotes close to my heart and this is another post related to daily quotes picture messages.  You can enjoy these daily quotes to increase your understanding of life and to motivate yourself. I do hope that you will enjoy these quotes. You can also download our daily quotes picture books at Download and Buy Daily Quotes Picture Books .  1) Daily Quote Picture Message - (Life is Too Deep) ( Read Meaning ) 2) Daily Quote Picture Message (If you desire to make a difference) ( Read Meaning ) 3) Rumi Quote Picture Message (When you Esc

Why online education is not a good alternative to regular studies?

 I am writing this article because I am a teacher and I am a parent too, therefore, I am facing this problem as a teacher and as a parent. Teaching students in a class is much easier and more rewarding for both students and teachers than teaching them online through various tools like zoom, Mircosoft team, etc. The main advantage of teaching students in class is that you can immediately access the outcomes of your teaching and how well the students have adopted from your teaching. You get a full chance to concentrate on all kinds of students whether they are intelligent or not. You can easily change the peace or pitch of your teachings to suit the student's needs accordingly. While all these luxuries of teaching are not present in online teaching.  1) Connectivity Issue- The first problem you face is a connectivity issue because you are sitting at one place with different internet speeds while your students are sitting at different locations with different internet speeds.   This

My Positive experience with WOW Skin Science Customer care

  It is always a good thing to write about your good or bad experience because, in this way, we can educate others about the experience. Recently, I had a good experience of raising my complaint of the WOW skin science customer care, and how easily they solved my problem. As you are aware I got a few samples of the Wow Skin Science products like WOW Mango butter and Wow Onion oil with black seed extract . I like these products and I decided to try a few more products from Wow skin science. I found a promotional email from wow skin science that I will get Freebies worth Rs 948 on all orders above Rs 699. As I was satisfied with the earlier Wow Skin Science products and I liked the promotional so ordered two products (Wow hair loss control therapy shampoo and Wow hair conditioner)  worth Rs 700 from them.  However, due to some technical error (maybe slow internet speed or any other issues), I noticed that my freebies worth Rs 948 are not added to my final order. After noticing this erro

Movie Review - Pushpa (The Rise) Allu Arjun (Enjoyable watch)

  Good Movies are a delight to watch and thanks to dubbing in Hindi and OTT, we are able to enjoy many South blockbusters in our preferred language and at the comfort of our homes.  My only complaint from the South Indian movies is the aggressive use of violence and cutting human beings like onion and tomatoes. We all know about the K.G.F chapter 1 movie of Yash which was a pan India success and everyone is eagerly waiting for the release of its second part i.e. K.G.F. Chapter 2. According to news, KGF Chapter 2 will release on April 14. I watched the KGF movie after a long time of its success and never imagined that it will be so good. After watching the movie, I become a fan of the South Indian movies and actors like Yash. The great thing about South Indian movies is that they take the chance to venture into unknown oceans without worrying about the failures whereas, in Bollywood, we see famous stars repeating old tricks or making remakes of old South Indian movies.  Today, I will ta

Investment in Good Mutual funds is key for Successful Portfolio

   Today, we live in an inflation-based economy where the value of money decreases with time. Therefore, it is very important to invest properly in life to avoid any financial worries later in life.  We can find many good investment opportunities in front of us and by investing money in such opportunities, we can get good results. One such great opportunity exists in front of us in the form of Mutual fund investment. We can invest in a different types of mutual funds that invest our money in different options.  In the previous article  Managing money can be easy , I have added some important points about the investment. Today, I will discuss Mutual funds and what is t he advantage of investing in mutual funds. We are not required to worry much about the right investment option because each mutual fund has its dedicated team of advisors or investment consultants who make investments after doing lots of research.  We can easily find many good Mutual funds in a market where returns are ve

Good Invest returns and Tax saving can go hand and hand

 It is quite hard to find a perfect solution that can give the benefits of both good investment returns and tax saving. In the previous article on investment , I have added some solutions. With time, many old favourite options of investment and tax-saving have become less rewarding so people want new solutions. One of such solutions available in front of us is Tax saving Mutual funds and National Penson Scheme. Last year some of the tax-saving mutual funds offered returns of more than 30% that is a great performance and we all want our money to grow. Similarly, NPS offer a good and secure way to manage our funds for retirement. (Also read - Investment in Good Mutual funds in key to success ) Tax saving mutual funds come with three year lock-in period and we can use a systematic investment plan to invest in them for as low as Rs 500. The value of a few thousand rupees invested 20 years back has become in crores in many mutual funds. The problem is that people don't continue their in

Managing Money can be easy if we follow these steps (Money Making Tips)

 Money related crises are very common in the present world and we can see many people suffering from worries related to money. All these money crises mostly emerge from the wrong thinking pattern of a person and how we manage our money. Mostly, it is believed that we should earn more and more but no one tell that instead of earning more we should learn to manage our money more precisely. Due to this reason, we see lots of people suffering from money problems despite earning a good amount of money. Earning more money is a good option but we also need to learn to manage our wealth in a good way. There are many opportunities available in front of us from time to time that gives us the option to multiply our money many times with very little effort. However, people are so much busy spending money that they hardly have money left for such rewarding investments.  Investment in Good Mutual Funds is Key to success) Either complete your dreams or dreams of others Good opportunities are not alwa

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Importance of clean environment

Read in Hindi  It is very important to take care of our environment because our health and our survival on the earth directly depends on the health of our environment. It is very easy to find dirt and pollution at many places across the world and a large population of the world is living in these bad and unhygienic conditions. People are drinking unclean drinking water and they are breathing polluted air; so, this pollution of the environment is causing many people to suffer from various health problems. Whereas if we live in a clean environment then we can live a healthy life and we can achieve this by understanding the importance of a clean environment. Sadly, we see very little being done to address this matter and we are slowly creating more polluted spaces on earth. Today, it is very hard to find clean places in several parts of the world. Slowly, the governments across the world are opening eyes to address this issue. It is very important for every individual in th

Who are Katoch? (Kuldevi Temple)

Katoch Kuldevi  Picture Katoch Kuldevi Kangra Fort (Jai Ho Maa) Katoch clan is a name of one of the ruling caste from India. Katoch is a prominent Rajput (Kshatriyas) caste of India and they basically belong to the Chandravanshi Rajput clan. Katochs have the main predominance in the states of Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand, and Jammu. Katoch means a good skillful swordsman and earlier, Katochs were known for their sword skills. Katoch Royal family is the oldest surviving Royal family in the world and they still live in 'Clouds End Villa', Dharamsala. Famous Kangra Fort A few of the great and famous kings of this clan were king Porus who fought against King Alexander, King of Kangra Sansar Chand Katoch under whom Katoch kingdom flourished and saw his golden period, and Rajanaka Bhumi Chand who founded the Katoch dynasty. The main link between the Katoch clan and Kangra (HP, India) can be established by the long period of rule by the Katoch kings over Kangra a

Download Hindi Thoughts (Suvichar) with Meaning App (Best of Hindi Thoughts and Quotes)

In 2015, I wrote a similar post for my Hindi Thoughts (Suvivhar) app. (To read this post Click Here ). In this post, I requested you to download and try my Hindi Thoughts app. I am Arvind Katoch and I am running my Hindi Thoughts (Suvichar) and Quotes site for the last 10 years. Today, this site offers millions of Hindi Thoughts, Hindi Quotes, and Suvichar in the form of HD picture messages. You also get a chance to read the translation of all Hindi Thoughts with their meanings in Hindi and English.  To make it easy for you to read these Hindi Thoughts and Quotes, I create many Hindi Thoughts (Suvichar) App, and the name of my first app was Best of Hindi Thoughts and Quotes. With time, we need to leave the old app for the new and improved version. The last two apps got more than one million downloads and 4 plus ratings on Google play.  Now I have launched a new version of the app which allows you to even read the meanings of the Hindi Thoughts and Hindi

Some Easy methods to increase immunity during Covid (Coronavirus)

 At the start of the Corona Virus last year, I wrote this article that Is India ready for Corona Virus?  In this article, I discuss the options available in front of India to tackle the Corona Virus strain. Though India did well in dealing with the first strain of Corona Virus we failed on many fronts when we faced the second wave. It looked that we were not prepared for the stronger and deadly second wave of the Corona. We may blame the government or the bad healthcare system, however, there is also a problem in us. First, we don't follow the rules and second, many of us don't enjoy strong immunity to fight the Corona virus. By increasing our immunity, we can increase our chances of survival from the Coronavirus. There are some methods through which we can make our immune system strong. However, due to the fast lifestyle, we have stopped carrying about our bodies.  Step 1- Spend some time in the Sun - The problem with today's lifestyle is that we don't spend much time

How to get certificate/documents in Digilocker? P.S.E.B Class X Marksheet

  Read in Hindi In the last article, I told you about the simple method to add yourself to the Google search . Today, I will update you about the DigiLocker and how to use it? We live in a digital world where most of the things are available to us digitally. This includes our important documents like school/college certificates, government-issued identity cards, other documents. We can easily access these documents digitally and they are 100% valid for all legal purposes. To get and store these documents, we have a popular app called Digilocker. On the Digi locker app, any person can find his important digital documents like Aadhar card, driving licenses, vehicle registration details, insurance details, and educational certificates.  Many boards and universities like Punjab School Education Board has started issuing fresh certificates through this platform only. The mark sheets for the class X, VIII, and V 2020 exams are issued through digilocker only. Now, we need to understand that D