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Today, we see a great hurry among people to do everything in a few minutes and due to this reason, their life has become a rat race. Such lives are not enjoyable and soon, people lose interest in their lives and many times start suffering from the issues like sadness, loneliness, and depression (Click to read more on this topic). The main reason behind all these problems is the lack of patience (Click to read more on this topic) in today's generation's life. Today's youth don't consider patience as an important thing for living a happy and successful life. They just want everything now and at any cost. That cost can be their health, peace, or relationships. Therefore, it is common to find people broke and frustrated in life. We even see people achieving big things in life still committing suicide in the end. 

We can not get everything in life and to achieve big things, we need to give some time to it. When we hurry then we increase the chances of errors and mistakes in life. The main motive of every person's life is to be happy but we are nowadays trying to find this happiness in the wrong places or in the wrong way. We have made our life competitive with others and we are living a life like we fighting a battle. We are so much worried about others' reactions, achievements, or failures that we forget to focus properly on our lives. We want expensive gadgets, cars, and homes not for our comfort but to influence others. 

The true way to live a happy life is to concentrate on our life only and tries to make it better as much as we can. Time we keep on comparing our life with others, we can't achieve true happiness and success in our life. To know more on this topic, Read the old post Why comparison is a disease? There is no need to hurry in life, some things will take their time to happen. All the things which are true for others may not be the same for you, therefore, don't force others' way of life on yourself. You should become a free bird who is choosing his own destination. 

At the end of life, it doesn't matter what we have or not, the only thing matters are whether lived our life happily or not. 

I hope that today's post will make your life a happier and more joyful experience. 

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