Are we going to lose our beautiful home called Earth?

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Ten years back, I wrote an article with the title "Importance of clean environment" and in this article, I discussed many issues related to this problem. In the last 10 years, people and world governments have become slightly aware of the bad consequences related to ignoring the issue of a clean environment, and therefore, we see many good steps like decreasing the carbon emission, banning certain pollution-causing agents, and emphasis on increasing forest cover. But still, there is a need to do more on this issue because we have already done good damage to the environment of earth and these small steps are too small and too late for the damage. We are able to live on the earth because of this beautiful and clean environment only and without it, we can't survive for a second. 

However, the problem is that we are taking baby steps to solve a very big problem. Already, we are seeing erratic weather patterns across the world where the temperature is increasing many times causing forest fires of a magnitude that we never witnessed in the past. The high temperature is also causing problems to the crops and decreasing their yields. Many low-lying areas and cities of the world are wishing for their survival because of the increasing water levels of our seas. We all know about the story of Indonesia's capital Jakarta which is sinking fast into the sea. If we didn't stop our play with the environment then we will even face more harsh effects in the future. 

Human greed and the habit of ignoring environmental issues is the main reason behind today's problems. Why we don't realize that we have to live in this environment only and there is no other place for us to live? But still, many greedy people and governments don't want to change their stands. They keep their own growth on the higher side than the environment. We lose more money, human lives, wild animals, and trees because of the habit of polluting the environment than we make the profits. Things like cloud bursts, floods, heavy rains, famine, lighting, rising sea levels, and forest fires have become a common story. 

These all are warning signs to human beings to change their approach towards the environment and stop playing with it, otherwise, we may lose our beautiful home called earth. 

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