Importance of controlling increasing pollution


The time to control pollution has come

Yesterday, I was surprised to see a news bulletin on the increasing pollution in India. Through this TV show, I come to know that more numbers of people die in India because of pollution in a year than the number of total people who died of the corona epidemic. It is very important to have a clean environment for living because we all need clean air, water and food for our survival. However, the sad part is that no one takes it seriously. We are giving more importance to growth over the control of pollution. We have polluted everything on earth from our small rivers to big seas. It is common to hear the news that thousands of fish died in a particular river because of high pollution in the river. Our governments assure us that they will take the necessary steps to solve these problems but sadly nothing is done on the ground. They just order an enquiry into the matter which takes years to complete and in the meantime, common people forget about it. 

Pollution is one such thing which is hurting everyone rich or poor in the same way and no one can save himself from it. Living in big cities of India means that we are going to live shorter than the people living in small towns or villages because the level of air and water pollution in these cities is very high. People living in big cities are taking slow poison through the air they breathe and the water they drink. Not only India but the whole of the world is facing the acute problem of increasing pollution. India and China are the worst suffering countries when it comes to pollution. Many big cities of both these nations are among the most polluted cities in the world. The pollution in these cities is so high that it has become difficult to breathe easily in the air in these cities. Every year, thousands of people die because of air pollution only.

Today, It is very important to make a balance between development and the environment. We can't keep on destroying nature in the name of development. There is no necessity for big cars or things which are polluting the air. People can learn to use the environment-friendly medium of transport like public transport, cycles etc. Today time has come when we should work seriously to save our environment and increase air quality. Otherwise soon we will lose our beautiful plant earth because of the increasing pollution. Already, we have caused great damage to the ecosystem of earth. Pollution has entered so deep into our lives that it is hard to find any place on earth that is not affected by the harms of pollution. 

Many types of research by medical professionals are warning us that the time has come to control pollution otherwise we may see permanent or irreversible damage to humans or the earth. However, the greed of a few people is causing problems for many other innocent people. Increasing pollution levels further increase the temperature on earth and cause our glaciers and frozen poles ice to melt. This is causing multiple human tragedies like flash floods or severe droughts. At present. China is suffering from a state of severe droughts because the water in many of its rivers has gone very low. Similarly many parts of India are suffering from flash and heavy floods. 

Increasing pollution is not a simple thing but it has many dangerous effects on our lives. Therefore, it is very important to control the pollution before it becomes too late to do so. 

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