Make writing your passion and not a way to earn money alone


So write better and write longer

 I see many people failing in writing because they don't make writing their passion and instead they try to use it as a medium to make money. As soon as they fail to make money in writing, they also start losing interest in writing too. The best and simple mantra to be successful in blogging is a make writing a passion. We should write what we feel is right for the audience and what our heart directs us to. Instead of this, we keep on copying the other successful writers and keep on failing in writing. People love to read your original opinion or something new when you copy others then you create content that is already available. I myself did this mistake 10 years back by focusing more on money and less on good and original content. 

How was blogging 19 years back?

This caused the exit of many readers from my blog and so I learned this lesson after a decrease in popularity of my blog. There is a great potential in writing and we can make a good income too. But when we put our whole focus on earning alone then we start compromising with our passion for writing. As a successful blog, you start getting good opportunities to monetize your blog. These money-making opportunities come with some price like promoting certain things or writing in some special tone. In the greed for money, we start compromising with our writing passion and start creating content for money alone. 

Doing this to some extent is good what when we become too greedy then your blog starts losing its real soul and once the soul is lost, our hard-earned repeat visitors also stop coming. As our blog loses its visitors so we start losing earning opportunities. For a blog, its main asset is not content but the repeat visitors who keep back to read your content. It is very important to make a strong bond with your readers if you want to make a successful blog. 

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