Landslide and Floods in Himachal Pradesh (Nature's at its worst) (Pictures and Video)

 Yesterday, I was talking about Global warming and how it has changed the weather patterns on earth. Today, I was shocked to see the pictures of devastation coming from the hill state of Himachal Pradesh. Already more than two dozen people are believed dead while many more are still missing. The loss of properties and animals is not measurable. The weather scientists are already cautioning us about such acute weather patterns but we are not learning anything from all this. Here in this picture, you can see a house that completely got damaged in the landslide killing all eight members of the family. This was the house of Pradhan (Sarpanch) of the village. 

The cloud bursts have become so common that we are hearing multiple news of them in a single day. The hilly states are more fragile than the other states, therefore, we should keep in mind this thing while developing these states. However, governments are exploiting these states to the extent that they are becoming very volatile. Every year the damage to human life and public property is on increase still we don't want to change our approach. When we keep on playing with nature then nature takes its revenge in a big way. The sad thing is that we are not taking any lessons from the last disasters and continuing with the exploitation of nature. 

We have already blocked the path of rivers and streams, thus attracting problems during the rainy season. We don't do tests on the soil before doing construction or making dams. We are blindly digging tunnels after tunnels by blasting the fragile hills. We are constructing the big buildings on the sliding hillsides. For the hill states, we need a different policy and rules. The more important thing is to strictly follow these rules so that similar mishappenings can be avoided in the future.

Below, I am sharing a few more pics and videos of the disaster in Himachal Pradesh -

Video of Himachal Tragedy- 

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