Does global warming is responsible for erratic weather patterns across the world?


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For the last few years, the whole of the world is seeing erratic weather patterns. The weather has become so uncertain and erratic that the weather department is finding it hard to predict accurate weather. The parts of the world which were once known for their acute cold weather are now suffering from an acute heat wave. The places where rain was scarce are getting heavy rains. Our glaciers are melting at a fast rate causing sudden and heavy floods. If our glaciers kept on melting at this speed then the time is not far away when we will lose some of the most popular rivers in the world. Forest fires have become so common that we see them multiple times across the year at all places across the world. These forest fires are so wide that they spread for kilometres causing great loss of property, wild animals, and human life. 

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                              Importance of controlling increasing pollution

Mostly, we all know what is global warming because this topic is now a part of the school curriculum, and all children across the world know it. However, for those people who don't know what global warming is then, it is an increase in the temperature of the earth due to increasing carbon emissions caused by the industrial use of fossil fuels like coal, diesel, wood, etc

You must be wondering what happens when the carbon amount increases in the atmosphere. Carbon has one special property it absorbs heat and the more amount of carbon in the atmosphere will mean the more heat absorbed by the atmosphere thus resulting in an increase in its average temperature. We are not only doing this, but we are also causing many other problems to our atmosphere. We are clearing the big forest at a very fast speed for getting to land. 

Fewer forests mean fewer trees and fewer trees mean less absorption of carbon dioxide by trees and less release of water into the atmosphere through the leaves of trees. Human beings and their greed is playing with the earth and its fragile ecosystem. We have already caused big damage to it which is unreversible. All these harshnesses of weather are the result of the wrong steps people have taken in the last 100 years. We have burnt so many fossil fuels in the last 100 years that we have dismantled the balance of the earth. 

The only way to reduce the effects of global warming is to opt for clean energy and avoid the use of fossil fuels. We need to understand the importance of a clean environment so that everyone can live safely on Earth. If we didn't change then our rivers will stop flowing, our lakes will become dry and glaciers will completely disappear from the earth. It will become hard to find clean drinking water and water for our crops. This will result in an acute water crisis across the world because the whole water cycle will get disturbed and our rivers will stop flowing all year round due to the non-availability of glaciers. 

Today, many innocent people are losing their lives because of the uncertain nature of the weather and we all know that this uncertain weather is caused by global warming. 

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