Saying Goodbye to Junk Food (Review Open secret unjunked Healthy Snacks)

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It is common to find an increase in fatal illnesses in people. Millions of people die every year because of these deadly diseases. The main reason behind the rise of these deadly diseases is the wrong lifestyle and eating habits of people. Today a large number of people are eating unhealthy food and the reason behind it is its easy availability in the market. We mostly call this food fast-food or packaged food. The options for this food are very high and they are available at many shops near us. This food looks tasty and it is available very fast so people become habitual with such food items. However, the bad point about this food is not healthy because it doesn't come under the category of a complete food with all essential nutrients. 

Thanks to many new innovations and new start-ups, we are seeing products that are oriented toward healthy snacking. On this Rakhi, my sister sent me a Rakhi gift package from Open Secret. In this package, I got a chance to eat many healthy snacks launched by them. They have given their snacks the name 'unjunked snacks' because they make their products with no added maida (super refined flour) and it contains zero transfats. They claim that their products are created by real mothers to provide healthy snacks to the kids and others. I tried all the products by Open secret in the box. I liked the few products very much while others were just fine for me. 

I like Open Secret's unjunked dark chocolate bars available in the box and even again ordered one pack. I also liked the Open secret assorted cookies. Therefore, I believe that if you like healthy snacks then you can try them too. Their products are sweetened with jaggery instead of refined sugar thus providing more health benefits to us. We all know that refined sugar has emerged major culprit behind many diseases, therefore, the time has come when we should stop using it. It is important for us to support Indian start-up brands instead of multinational companies. The time has come when we need more such kinds of solutions so that we can save our kids from junk and unhealthy food. 
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