Why people need to tell that they are happy when Happiness can be seen on face?



In the last post, 'True ways to live a happy life', I wrote about how we can make our life a happy life. Today, I feel that the race among people to show the world that they are very happy and their life is very exciting is increasing very fast. It is common to see people posing on social media or writing posts that how happy they are in life. Whereas happiness is a state which doesn't need any introduction and anyone can feel it. Then why do we see so much show-off? The answer is simple somewhere we do know that we are not happy but we are just pretending to be happy. To go into detail, you can read the earlier post 'Are you happy with your life?'. Social media has given the power to people that they can interact with or influence people by sharing pictures, posts or videos of their lives. Many people have become big social media influencers and earn good income from them. 

However, the reality which we see online is the one which is designed in this way to influence others and it does not matter whether it is real or not. Today's youth is trying to find happiness in expensive gadgets, dresses, cars or working in MNCs. They think that if they have all this then they will be happy. It is not their fault because it is what is fed into their mind by others or through advertisements. It is common to find examples of people with all the facilities of life still committing suicide or suffering from depression. The reason for this is that they are finding the happiness in wrong things. Money is an important part of life but it can never buy permanent happiness for us. The happiness we get with the help of money is mostly temporary or short-lived. 

Whatever expensive phone or car you may buy today, it will become outdated in a few years. If you become a victim of this trend then you will keep running in the search of happiness at the wrong place and finally die as an unhappy man. To read in detail on this topic read 'Why 99% of people fail to find true Happiness?'. Happiness needs to come from inside and it should not be dependent on things. When we are happy then we don't involve much in show-off or convincing others that we are happy. Today, we are living a life in which we are hiding things from ourselves and even lying to our inner selves. The real victory for a human being is when he is true to himself because this is the person who never leaves us. We may fool the world or others but we can never fool ourselves because it knows all the truths of our life. 

I hope that your journey to happiness and living a happy life becomes a reality soon. 

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