Be True to YourSelf and this is the only person who will never leave you

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Being true to yourself is the best gift you can give to yourself because the person with whom we spend our whole life is ourselves. In our life journey, many people come and go but our inner self never changes. Therefore, we first need a strong bond with our inner self because it is you are in reality. But, sadly most of the time we ignore our real selves for the sake of people who come into our lives for some time only. We keep on thinking about these people even after they are not part of our lives. We keep on wasting precious time of our lives on such people for whom we even don't exist.

While on the other hand, we completely ignore the person who is always with us and who is never going to betray us. Therefore, our real (or inner) self needs the most important place in our life and thoughts. Why do we need to be bothered about others and waste our vital energy on the people or things over which we have no control? You can achieve great happiness and self-worth when you stop ignoring your real self (the real you). We all need to learn the art of shifting our energy focus from others too on ourselves.

Being true to yourself doesn't mean that you are completely going to ignore everyone else, this simply means that you should give importance to a thing, situation or people only as much as they deserve. We look towards others to make us happy and feel sad when they don't treat us as we expected. Here the main person to blame is you yourself because you expected from the wrong people. A person who only puts expectations on himself never gets betrayed. Many religions in the world say that we can find God only in our real (inner) self. So why run here and there when a real God lives inside you?

In the world, you can never find people more loyal, caring, understanding and friendly to you than your real self. Therefore, it is a waste of time and energy to run behind the people for care and love. The World is just a reflection of your actions and you only get back what you put in it. Running behind the world or worldly things has no power to make you happy but, it is sure that will make you sad. Now it is up to you whether you want to run behind the world or go deeper into your real self.

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