Expectation, Expectation, Expectation (Why others have many from us?

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Sometimes, I fail to find the answer to the question that why others have so many expectations of us while they do not fulfil what we expect from them. Some people have so many expectations from us in life that it creates a lot of burdens on us. These expectations are so high that it is not easy to fulfil them. Different people have different kinds of expectations from us. Our family has certain expectations from us, while our boss has some other expectations. Similarly, our neighbours have some other expectations from us, while our society members have others. The expectation is not a bad word. We all have some expectations from others in this world and this world works in this way. 

These expectations are only good up to the time when they are under certain limits. However, due to the busy schedules of life, it is becoming difficult for us to meet others’ expectations fully or on time. Expectations are so large for us, that it is not possible for us to fulfil them; we can meet some of them but the rest expectations are beyond our capacity to execute. Therefore, people whose expectations we fulfil remain happy with us, and other people whose expectations we fail to meet become angry with us. Situations go on becoming worse with time as expectations of others from us start increasing day by day. 

Now, we are living in a society where expectations from others are very large. Everybody wants others to fulfil their dreams. They do not want to do themself anything to fulfil these things. Many such people also expect in this world who themselves have not done anything for others. Many times some situations come in our life where we are overburdened by these expectations of others. We usually have so many expectations to fulfil that we have to choose some and leave others. Like, we have to choose between the expectation of our family from us to come back home early and spend time with them or the expectation of our boss to work till late at night in the office. 

When we choose the first option then we will make our boss angry and if we choose the second one then we will make our family angry. In both these options, we are losing something. This is an example of only two options, there are many cases where multiple options are present and we have to choose one among them. The only problem with these expectations is that they unnecessarily make us tense. The thought of not meeting these expectations creates fear in our minds. Another problem with these expectations is that they take our life from us. We are so much overburdened by the expectations of others that we forget to live our own life. 

In childhood, we are burdened by the expectation of teachers, parents, and friends. In adulthood, we are burdened by the expectation of professors, competition, girlfriends, and parents. In the thirties-forties, we are burdened by the expectations of our children, wife, and boss. Above the fifties, we are burdened by the expectations of society, sons, daughters, and friends. We live most of life fulfilling the expectations of others and even we sometimes get depressed when we think about not fulfilling some of these expectations. The expectation is not a bad world, but it is required to be within some limit. We should have a look at our life before fulfilling others' expectations. We are also required to give some time to ourselves and not only spend our life meeting others' expectations.

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