Why everyone is becoming slave of money?

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 Today when I look around then I found that every person is becoming a slave to money. They give more importance to money (Click to Read) over what is right or wrong. Money has become the master and people are its slaves. I have already discussed about in my previous post Does Money is controlling us? (Click to Read) People are leaving their moral values and right attitude for the sake of money. Everyone just wants to earn money so that he can enjoy his life. In this race to earn money, people even forget that they are hurting others or nature. We are exploiting human beings by luring them with money and making them do those things that are bad for other human beings or nature. We can easily quote the example of Uttrakhand state where we see full exploitation of nature, hills, trees and rivers. 

We have constructed dams at those places which are very sensitive in nature and any disturbance to them will cause many threatening effects. However, many people and big industrialists have become blind to these things because their prime aim is only to earn money. I don't want to say that money is a bad thing but money is only good for us till we have the earth. Our money will not work anywhere else except in this world and in greed for money we are slowly killing our earth

If we go 50 years back then people were not so greedy and they gave more importance to nature and good relationships over money. Today, it is the reverse, people are giving more importance to money and they start behaving like beasts to earn money. Today the major reason behind increasing crime is a race for money. Everyone wants to become rich fast and to achieve it they many times restore to even killing others. Human relationships have taken the back seat and only we are giving importance to money. It is common to find brothers-brothers, brothers-sisters or sisters-brother fighting over the ancestral properties. 

Money is playing with people and making them their slaves. Later it directs people to do what it wants to do. This race for money is very bold and stressful. Most of the people who give importance to money over relationships land in loneliness and frustration. Money is a good thing but we should not become its slaves. 

It is common to become egoist after gaining a lot of money and consider oneself very special. However, we don't understand that this money will not go with us. 

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