What is life? Are you happy with your life?

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Anyone who is reading this article knows the meaning of life because we can only read and write if we are alive. Life is a great gift of good and we should always appreciate it. However, sadly this is not the truth because we find so much unhappiness around us. It is very common to find people who are not happy with life. They think that their life is not good. 

Why it is so? Do we understand what is life? 

 When we search for the meaning of life in the dictionary then we get this "the quality that people, animals or plants have when they are not dead"

In this definition, we can find the meaning of life. A living person can experience many things while a dead person can't. Life is all about the experiences we have throughout life. 

Mostly, we become very much immersed in these experiences and fail to come out of them. It doesn't matter that these experiences are bad or good, we keep replaying them in our minds again and again like we are living them again and again. Due to this habit, we lose contact with the present moment and stop enjoying life. 

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We need to take life as an experience only and nothing more than that. We should have the courage to let go of the old memories whether they are good or bad so that we can enjoy our present peacefully. Many big thinkers, scholars and sages of different religions have also told the same secret to remain present in the present. 

If we stay focused on the past or future, we will go to miss the remaining life. Many people lose their precious relationships, life moments and jobs due to this attitude. We need to be focused on the present moment because it is only the truth present in front of us and all else is false a myth. 

To live a happy life keep your focus on the present and take whatever comes into your life as an experience only. Change is the main attribute of life and to live a peaceful life, we need to embrace change and never give it a fight. The more we will fight with the change the more we will become agitated and sad. 

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Everything change with time whether it is good or bad so why worry too much when nothing is permanent? Life is beautiful when we take it as an experience only and flow with it like flowing water. 

However, it starts becoming bad when we try to stop the flow or direction of life that is actually not in our control so why put so much pressure on things that are not in our control? 

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