Success Mantras (Lessons for Success in life) Lesson 1

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Today, I am starting a series with the name "Success Mantras". In this series, I will write multiple lessons and in each lesson, I will discuss a topic that is essential to attain true success in life. I will help you to understand that real success is much beyond money and fame. By following these lessons, you will not only earn huge money, but you will also taste true success, a success which will help you enjoy your life to the best.

Success is one of the most sought-after things in the present world. Every person wants to become successful in life; therefore, we see a mad rush of people to become successful in life. Now the meaning of success may be different for different people, but most people relate it to money, career, and fame in life.

As per the dictionary, Success is defined-
"A person or thing that achieves desired aims or attains fame, wealth, etc."

My definition of success is more deeply rooted and I give more importance to things like internal happiness, good health, peace of mind, following your heart and become one with life in addition to other important things like money, fame, and career. We live in a world where money plays a very important role; therefore, it is essential to earn good money to be truly successful in life because otherwise, you may face unnecessary difficulties.

However, money is not everything because there are many people in the world who live an unhappy life despite having good money. Therefore, it is very important to understand that money can help us to become successful but it is still not everything.

The problem with the present generation is that they give too much importance to money and try to build their success around it. To attain money-oriented success, they miss many important factors of life like good health, peace of mind, good relationships which may not have any price tag but they are very essential to enjoy true success.

Four years back, I faced a few health issues which stopped me from enjoying life. In the pain, I was only praying to God that please provide me good health and in return, he can take back everything.

Then I understood that health is the most important thing to enjoy life and to remain successful in the world; and without it, you can never attain real success in life. Good health means a healthy body and a peaceful mind.

So the First Thing, you need for success is Good Health.

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