Success Mantra 2 - Good Health (You can only enjoy life if you have good health)

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In lesson 1 of Success Mantras, we tried to define success in a broader manner so that we don't associate success to the few things like money and fame only. Real success is much deeper oriented and it is related more to you than to the world. In lesson 1, we came to the conclusion that health is the most important factor when it comes to being successful in life, and without good health, we can't enjoy any success in life. 

Moreover, if success is coming out on the cost of your health, then it is not a real success. Real success makes you a happier man by enhances your physical and mental health. I can give you an example of a real person, however, I will not quote his name. He died at an age of 40 only due to a heart attack and found dead in a hotel room. At this age, he had a successful career as an IT consultant and left behind huge wealth. But, sadly there was no one to claim his wealth because his wife left him much back because of problems in their relationship and his parents were already dead. (Also read - Walking is the best and easiest exercise available with us

I gave this example to show that such success is meaningless if you yourself don't live to enjoy your success or have someone close enough to share this success. Good health is very essential for the proper functioning of our body and mind. It is very easy to lose health; however, many times we can't get it back by spending all the money, we have. 

"People first destroy their health to earn money and then, spend this money to get back their health."

I am writing this article because I don't want you to repeat this mistake and become a victim rather than becoming a really successful person. 

In the journey of success, we should never undermine the importance of good health. This doesn't mean that you should not work hard. You should work hard; but also don't overdo things which put an adverse effect on your health. 

Those people who will ignore health while looking for success in life, they will never be able to attain real success. Success without good health is not a success at all. 

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