Walking is the best and easiest exercise available with us

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The main reason behind most health problems in humans is a tendency to avoid exercise. If any person is doing exercises regularly then his chances of suffering from any disease or illness are very less. I have already explained to you in Success Mantras Lesson 2 - Good Health that good health is the most important part of success in life and any success is not fruitful if comes at the cost of health. We can only enjoy any success in life if we have good health, therefore, it is very important to maintain good health at any cost. 

To have good health, we need to eat healthy food and do some regular exercise. However, most people do not do enough exercise and they tend to avoid it. People are always ready with many excuses to not exercise. Some say that exercises are hard to do or some say that they don't have time to visit a gym. To all these people, I would like to say that they can exercise very easily by just walking for some time. According to many studies, it is found that walking for 20 minutes daily can have many good results on our health and body. 

In the present world, we are becoming highly dependent on machinery and we use our cars or scooters instead of walking. Walking is a good exercise and any person can do it at any time. We can start walking by avoiding the use of machinery for close distances. 

The more we start walking the more we start reaching near good health. Even in walking, we can do many exercises like fast walking, slow walking, back walking (walking backward), etc. Some studies say walking backward is even more important than straight walking because every single step taken backward is equal to six steps taken forward. 

The people of the past generation were more healthy than the people of the present generation because they used to walk more than the others. By simply starting a routine of daily walking, we can make many positive changes to our health. I hope that you will work on my advice and start walking. 

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