Appeal to adopt animals and birds at Zoos

Tears, Hippopotamus, Zoo, Chattbir
Tears of the Hippopotamus 

In the last articles on Zoo, Do we need Zoos or not?, I discussed in detail that we need zoos or not. In this article, it comes out that Zoos have become an essential part of our system and they are doing lots of good jobs by conserving many endangered species of animals and birds. Already, we humans have destroyed most of the original habitats of many species of wildlife and many such species are in the shelters of zoos for their safety and survival. However, there is a financial crisis looming on such Zoos and they need the support of common people to adopt some of birds or animals at the Zoos. 

Parakeet, Parrot, Indian, Rose-ringed
Rose Ringed Indian Parrot (Parakeet) 

Such adoption is available at every Zoo across the world and they start from just Rs 100 per month for a single parrot. We commonly spend so much on many unnecessary things which we can avoid. Our small help of adopting a single bird or animal at a Zoo can make the life of these creatures easier and comfortable. Already, many people are doing this good job and they have adopted some of the animals; however, we need more awareness about this scheme so that more people can join to help the animals and birds at the Zoos. 

Here, I am not asking you to support the concept of Zoos, I do like to see animals in the open; however, under the present circumstances, we can't avoid Zoos, moreover many Zoos across the world are doing a great job by preserving many endangered wildlife species. Our small help can at least make the life of the animals comfortable in Zoos and we can ensure that every animal gets enough daily food to eat. We encouraging people to adopt the animals at Zoos so that we can increase the bonding between people and wildlife. 

I do hope that more numbers of people will come forward to adopt animals in India and we will see an increase in love for animals and birds among common people. 
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