Are you a working slave?

We all do lots of things in this world to make money and to work somewhere is one of the most important things in this list because by working, a large majority of people earn money to sustain their lives. From a bottom to top, we have all kinds of jobs for all classes of people according to their skills and education. However, the truth is that everyone works for money. We work and so, we get paid and this continues. Every day, we wake up, get ready and reach our offices or destinations of work to finish the work assigned to us. This circle keeps on repeating itself every day till we get retired. During this journey, people may get promoted or given additional perks; however, still, they don't stop working. 

In nutshell, we can say that worker is the main identity of such people, irrespective of the whatever post or posts they may be assigned. However, things are presented and promoted in such a way that such workers don't perceive them as workers but something different. Due to this reason, we see a huge working class across the world with just a few people less than 1% controlling them. People remain in such jobs not because they like them or enjoy them, but to earn money which is very essential if anyone wants to survive in this world. Only 1% of the world's elites have the control on 90% of worlds' wealth; therefore, they have created such a design where rich become richer while people remain stuck in their slavery. 

With the help of money and false propaganda, people are motivated to become good workers. Many people leave behind their passions or things they like to do, to work in jobs which they don't like. Once anyone enters this system, then he never comes out of it because his needs of money constantly increase with time. This overall design is developed with lots of advantage to the elite that a person who once enter in it never dares to come out. The only option remains with them is to become a working slave and pretend that he is enjoying his life. 

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