Success Mantra Lesson 3 - Smile (Role of it in Life)

Success Mantra Lesson 4 - Smile (Role of it in Life)

In the last post on Success Mantras, you read Lesson 2 - Good Health. Through, this lesson we got to understand the importance of good health for enjoying a successful life. Today, I will share with you another simple but important habit that can help us in becoming a successful person. I am talking about the four-word letter 'smile' which has a very strong power in it because what can not be achieved with big fights can be achieved by a simple smile. The world is a reflection of our behavior. How we behave towards it, the similar way it behaves towards us. If we smile at the world then the world will also smile at us. Mostly, we all live a very complex life and in this complexity, we miss many ordinary attributes of life which can make our life wonderful. One of the simplest secrets of life to remain happy and to make others happy is to smile unconditionally. 


There are a lot of grieves present in everyone's life. Nobody wants to see dull and lifeless faces, and we all love to be surrounded by people who smile often. Simply by adding a smile to our face, we can change our whole look. Everyone wants to remember and help a person with a beautiful smile. Let's imagine the faces of people with a smile and without it, which one you liked the most. The answer is simple, the smiling face. A simple smile can do wonders if we start adding it to our daily life. Smiling is a chain reaction that can make everyone smile who comes in its way. 

Old woman's smile

Smile provides a great way for us to bond positively with others. Smile is a good way to express our feeling of happiness to others. It shows that we are happy to meet that person and can expect the same from him. Like the third law of Newton “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. More genuinely we smile at others, more chances of getting a genuine smile from them. However, we should be careful with the smile. Many people smile superficially, the smile does not appear genuine. 

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These kinds of smiles are easily judged by others and we can not expect good results of it. Some people think that if they smile more then people will say them mad. This is not true everybody wants to see good and smiling faces, and what others think is their problem and we should not worry about it. It is difficult initially to accustom with the habit of smiling, however, with the routine and practice, we can master it. Moreover, smiling has health benefits too as smiling is a good face exercise. It helps us to relieve our face muscles. Therefore smiling provides us a good way to make our face fresh and healthy. 

Whereas so many people spend so much money on face surgeries, but still they don't get the same result as provided by a smile. The people who do not smile, their faces start looking dull and lifeless very early. You may be of any built or any color, you can increase your grace and charm by simply smiling. Smile is good exercise and a way to make others happy. It does not involve much of work, only we are required to relive our face muscles. When we see the world around us in day to day activities then we hardly encounter a smile because large numbers of people find it very hard to do this simple act. We generally look for suitable moments to smile and we put many restrictions on our smile. 

A smile adds so much energy and radiance to us that we start glowing in life’s garden. Therefore, it is very important for every person to make his or her life beautiful with a constant dose of the smile. When we will add this simple and inexpensive trick in our lives then we will become a magnet which will help us attract many opportunities into our life.

Like the Good-Health, Smile is a simple but important thing to become a truly successful person in life. 

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