Sudeeksha Bhati - Another girl becoming a victim of the ill mentality of a few males

Sudeeksha Bhati

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Another life of a wonderful girl with many dreams and hopes is lost for the poor mental attitude of a few males who still consider women inferior sex in India. Sudeeksha Bhati was an inspiration for millions of helpless girls in India to achieve something big in life.  She has written on a twitter account that she is 'An unapologetic advocate of women empowerment and education. '  But sadly, her own dream of empowerment and education was shattered by few people with small thinking towards the woman. 

Family Pic Sudeeksha Bhati

Roughly two years back, Sudeeksha Bhati, daughter of tea stall owner created history by getting scholarship worth Rs 3.8 crores from HCL for studying in top US college. She scored 98% marks in her CBSE intermediate exams. Every Indian felt proud of her achievement and we felt that we have got another great mind who will make Indians proud in the near future. However, no one ever thought that Sudeeksha Bhati's life will be so short. The saddest point of this conversation is that she has not died a natural death but has become a victim of the cruel mentally of a few males of our society. She become a victim of eve-teasing on the road when she was going to meet her uncle on a bike with her uncle. 

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Few unknown bike riders tried to make her disturb by overtaking their bike and pushing breaks of their bikes in front of them. Due to their action, the bike on which she was traveling with her uncle skids on the road and she died because of this accident. She was back from America because of the Corona and was expected to return back soon. This incidence is a great shock for our nation which is still not in a position to safeguard its daughter. Sudeeksha's case has come to limelight because of her past achievements but there are many other girls like her who never get much attention. We need to ask ourselves how long we can allow all this to continue. 

Still, we can find some males in our society who think that they can do anything with any woman at any time. These actions are very harmful to a good society and creates a shame for us internationally. Why can't we give our daughter safety to do whatever they like to do? First of all, I want these culprits to be arrested as soon as possible and later should be punished to the hardest so that we can give a good lesson to every male with the same mentality. Time has come when as a society, we should introspect and look for solutions within us to change for better India because if we didn't change then no one knows how many more daughters like Sudeeksha Bhati will die in future. I highly condemn this incident and look for justice being done to her in the near future. 

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