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Some of the Best and Time tested Home Workout machines


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In the present world, it is very common to feel exhausted and tired after the daily work routine. For many people, this daily routine is so hectic that they don't get time to exercise or relax. But we know that it is very important for the body to do some exercise and have some relaxed time. Due to this fast life, people are suffering from various problems like obesity, blood circulation issues, pain in different parts of the body. It is important for us to take care of these health issues before they take any bad shape. Good health is the most valued thing in this world and we should never compromise on our health. We need a balance in our life so that we do not hurt our health badly. Today, we can find many innovative products in the market which are making it easy for people to do quality exercise in less time. I will share with you some of the similar exercises and massaging machines that are time-tested and they are good at providing results to you. Some of these machines are very effective and we can easily find them around us. Some are economical ones while others are slightly expensive. People can easily choose the products as per their needs and budgets. These small machines can easily help us in fat burning, weight loss, massaging, and blood circulation. In this way, we can keep our bodies relaxed and fatigue-free. Most of these machines are tried by me and I found them effective while few are recommended to me by others. 

1) Vibrating plate massager machine - This machine is available in the market for the last thirty years but it has improved with time. Today, we find its more effective and more versatile products. Today, we can find many designs of this product in the market and their price ranges from Rs 5000 to 15000. Most of these machines are easy to use and come with multiple settings and options. Most of the people who have used these machines have found them effective. For a single person, this machine can be very helpful in relaxing after the daily workout or doing fast exercise. The availability of this product for a long time clearly indicates that it is an effective product. To know more Click here

2) Foot Massagers - Everyone who has worked for a long time knows that our feet start hurting after long seating or walking. This happens because of the increased blood flow towards the feet. Here we can take the help of a good foot massager to relax our feet and feeling comfortable.  We can easily find a good foot massager for just Rs 3500 only. However, there are many other expensive options are available too. Foot massagers are very good at relieving foot pains and improving blood circulation. According to acupressure therapy, our feet have acupressure points for the whole body and by massaging our body, we can relax our whole body.  To know more about this product Click Here

3) Tummy Twisters - It is a product under Rs 500 and it is not an electric machine. By standing on it, you can rotate half of your body in multiple directions. Some of these tummy twisters even provide acupressure benefits too. I like this product because of its importance in the present world. Today, obesity has become very common and with regular exercise, we can stop it. By doing simple exercises with it, people can improve their waistline and look much slimmer. To know more about this product Click Here 

4) Home Acupressure Kit - Again a product under Rs 500 which I believe should we available in every home. Acupressure therapy is worldwide accepted and with this simple kit, we can get many benefits of the acupressure. With the increasing age, we can understand the benefits of acupressure in relaxing our body and in the pain relief in different body parts. A single home acupressure kit provides everything we need to do basic acupressure. To know more about this acupressure kit Click here

5) Eye Massager - There is many stress point present around our eyes and by pressing these points, we can achieve great relaxation. Moreover, in the world of TV, computer and mobile, etc our eyes are the most affected part of our body by harmful radiation. Therefore, it is very important to relax our eyes and these eye massagers do it perfectly. I have found this product very helpful in relaxation and relieving stress. We can find a good eye massager for Rs 3800 or above. This product is highly recommended to people who have tired eyes or do lots of work on screen or some artistic work. To know more about this product Click Here

6) Deep Massage Pillow - Here is another small but good product for you which is available for less than Rs 1500. This product is helpful in improving blood circulation, relaxing the body, and relieving muscle pains and tightness. This product comes with heated massage balls. The good point of this product is that it is not a tiny massager like the many available online and it is much more effective than them. We can use it from neck to foot on many parts of the body depending on our needs. Due to medium size, it can be easily used in a car and it works perfectly with the car supply. Today, neck and back pains are very common and we can easily trust this product for its effectiveness. For the cost, it offers much more. To know more about the product Click Here

7) Chair/Seat Massager - Those people whose work involves sitting for a long time, they know the pain involved in it. It is a very bad experience for a person to sit at the same place for a long time and this situation starts becoming worst with the increasing age. Even the latest health studies have also revealed that sitting at a single place for a long time is responsible for many health problems. Therefore, it is very important to leave our seats for some time. However, for some people, it is not possible because of their work nature or health issues. For example, during a 9-hour drive, it is very hard to leave the seat and you can not stop after small-2 intervals. Here we can get the help of a Chair or seat massager. We can easily find a good seat massager for Rs 10000 only and most of them work in your car too. To know more about the Seat/chair massager Click Here

8) Morning Walker Exerciser - Another old product in this category is the morning walker exerciser. This product is also available in the market from more than two decades. At present, I have two these sets, one is bought by me 10 years back and others bought by family 6 years back. The good thing about my 10-year-old morning walker is that it is still working fine without any trouble. This product is many liked by people who want to decrease their body weight but are not interested in heavy exercise. I have found this product effective though it will take some time to see the result and we need to use it regularly. Today people want results fast without doing any hard work. This machine may not be suitable for people with injury or poor health. To know more about it Click Here

9) Electric Water Foot Spa massager - Available for less than Rs 2000, it is a good product for the care of our feet. We can easily spot this product at most of the Spa centers. Whenever we go for a pedicure in a Spa, we are first asked to put our feet in the hot water of an electric water massager for 15 minutes. Even this product can very useful at home to clean and relax our feet. Foot massage is always a great tool to relieve pain in the legs. This massager comes with bubble massage and auto heating of water. All these features make it an essential tool to be present in our home for the relaxation of our feet. To know more about this product Click Here


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