Ankle and foot pain are becoming common in men and women

Ankle and foot pain are becoming common in men and women

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Today due to the hectic lifestyle of people, we are seeing many common health problems emerging in people. Today, I will discuss the ankle and foot pain. Last year, suffered very badly with ankle pain and it took me around one year to get rid of this problem. Moreover, I came across lots of people in the last two years who are suffering from either pain in the ankle or feet. This pain can be associated with a single foot or with the booth feet. There may be many reasons behind these pains but few of the most common causes are lack of calcium and Vitamin D in the body. 

Health problems like arthritis are also responsible for many types of pains in the feet. Other common issues are like Achilles Tandon, Achilles Tendinosis, chronic lateral ankle pain, bursitis, osteochondral lesions of the Talus (OLT), infections, etc. I have seen that most of the problems come out because of the weakness in the body. Today, unhealthy lifestyles and jobs where we need to stand for a long time are also responsible for such pain. By consulting a good doctor and knowing your medical history, you can find the exact reason for your problem.  

My pain was in the back of the ankle and sometimes, it was unbearable. I tried lots of tricks like hot water treatment, oil massage, and the use of pain ointments but didn't get any relief. By considering my history of low vitamin D levels, I decided to take six weeks course of vitamin D with a daily dose of calcium. I also increased my intake of milk products and foods rich in calcium. I also bought new comfortable shoes with a well-cushioned sole for walking. Many times such pains in the feet are also caused by wearing comfortable or hard-soled shoes. 

If it is not possible for you to buy expensive shoes then you can also find lots of other stuff online like heel pads, bandages, insoles, silicone gel heel pads to fit in your old shoes. It is better to control such pain initially, otherwise, they can cause us lots of problems in the future. 

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