Today, we live in a digital world and in this world, digital pictures play an important role. Thanks to cheap smartphones with a decent camera, now anyone can click thousands of pictures. Earlier, in the days of cameras with films, we have limited capacity to take pictures and it was quite an expensive affair. Now we don't have to worry about either expense or developing pictures anymore because smartphone directly gives us a digital copy of the pictures which can be viewed on any digital device. With the increase in the storage capacity of the phones, we can store thousands of pictures on our mobile. 

However, with each passing year, the numbers of pictures in our storage keep on increasing and we need some alternate medium to store our pictures. One of the options is to store pictures in a hard drive but to do so we first need to buy a hard drive which is an expensive option for many people. Therefore, we need a reliable solution which needs to be economical too. The good news for all of us in that Google has come up with a free and reliable solution in the form of Google Photos. 

In Google Photos, anyone can store high-quality unlimited pictures up to 16 Mega Pixels for free of cost. If you need to store pictures of more than 16 MPs then you need to buy the paid plan from google. However, for most people, the free plan of Google Photos is enough. I am also using the free plan because most of the pictures are less than 16 MPs. All you need to do is to download Google Photos on your phone and allow the auto-update of new pictures to Google Photos.  In this way, you will never have to worry about the loss of your pictures anymore.