How to cook tasty Ram Tori (Torai, Ridge Gourd) ki Sabzi?

How to cook tasty Ram Tori (Torai, Ridge Gourd) ki Sabzi?

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We all need to eat food to remain healthy and active in life. To eat food, we first need to cook it. With time cooking has evolved in our world and today, we can find many methods to cook delicious food. Indian cooking is very versatile and we can find many different methods of cooking. Last time, I shared with you recipe Cooking Gajjar Ka Halwa with skimmed milk powder. Today, I will share with you to cook a tasty sabzi of Torai (Ram Tori) which is called Ridge Gourd. It is a healthy vegetable with many health benefits and it is very cool on the stomach and liver. Ram Tori is a good source of vitamin A, Iron, and dietary fibers, therefore, we should add it to our diet. 

Many people grew Torai in their kitchen garden or in any empty space near their homes. This plant grows in the form of a clambering plant and can reach many feet above the surface. A good plant of a Ridge Gourd can give dozens of fruits over a time of 20 to 30 days. It is a vegetable of summers and rainy season. Today, I will teach you to cook the tasty Ram Tori and Potato sabzi (Video included at the end). Check - How make Tasty Arabi Ke Pakode (Pateed)

Ingredients you need to make Sabzi of Ram Tori -

1) Cooking Oil (My choice Mustard Oil)

2) One Tablespoon Cumin seeds and five cloves of garlic

3) Haldi, Red Chilli powder, and salt as per taste

4) Kashmiri Red Mirch and dried Methi leaves

5) One Tablespoon Garam Masala

6) The paste of Four medium Onion and three Green Chillis

7) Two Tomato 

8) One Kg Torai and three Potato (cut in small pieces)

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How to Make Torai ki Sabzi-

1) Take a Pan and add oil in it

2) Allow the oil to heat up

3) Add cumin seeds and garlic to hot oil

4) After 30 seconds add Onion and Green Chilli paste to the oil

5) After one minute add salt, turmeric powder, and red chili as per taste. 

6) Add one tablespoon of Kashmiri Red Mirch, tomato pieces, and some dried methi leaves.

7) Allow the mixture to cook for some time and become dark brown. 

8) When oil will start separating from the mixture add the cut pieces of Ridge Gourd and potato to it. 

9) Mix it well and allow it to cook for 15 to 20 minutes without covering the pan. 

10) When the vegetable is almost cooked add some garam masala to it. 

By following these simple steps anyone can make a tasty sabzi of Ram Tori at home. We have added potato to it but you can also make the Torai sabzi without potato too. 

Watch the HD video to learn more making the Tasty Sabzi of Ridge Gourd - 

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