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Best Books you must read in New Year

Books, good books

A book is a gift you can open again and again. Garison Keillor

 I have learned many important lessons in life by reading some useful books. These books helped me to not repeat the same mistakes that were done by the authors of the book. Mostly, we don't give the book the respect which they deserve because we don't know how much valuable knowledge is stored in them. We can easily become any kind of person we want to become by reading these books. There is a book available in the stores on almost all the topics we need. Moreover, most of these books are not very expensive and we all can afford them. I love to read books because they have helped me to learn many things and experiences which otherwise I may have never got. I am able to make the right decisions in my life because of the knowledge gained through the books. Some people may claim that bookish knowledge is not that effective but it is better than having nothing. Below, I am going to list some good and interesting books for you to read so that you can increase your knowledge in a good way. 

1) IKIGAI (Japanese Secret to a Long and Healthy Life) - We all know the fact that Japanese people are considered the healthiest people on the planet because of their healthy lifestyle and eating habits. Health is the most important part of any individual's life and without good health, we can't enjoy our life. So, I will recommend this book to you to read and make the right corrections in your lifestyle and eating habits. 

2) Attitude is everything (Change your attitude change your Life)- As this book says that change your attitude and change your life. I have found this saying very true in my life. We all have the power to change our lives for the positive side and to do so we need to first change our attitude. This book helps us to learn about the issues in our attitude and how we can change them for the betterment. Once, you have made changes in your attitude, you can clearly see the changes in your life and you can achieve whatever you wanted to achieve earlier in life. 

3) Rich Dad Poor Dad - This is a very important book if we want to learn some valuable lessons about managing finances and creating wealth in life. Originally, these lessons are required to be told to you by your father but many of us are not so lucky to have a father who has a balanced understanding of finances. So, there is no need to worry as this book does the job of your dad to tell you important lessons about managing your finances in a good way. This is a great book which changes our thinking about money and makes us wise so that we can accumulate lots of wealth in life. 

4) The monk who sold his Ferrari - It is our life and we can do whatever we want to do with it. However, it is also important to learn a few things at the starting point of life so that we don't regret our decisions on our death bed. For example, my people lose their health while accumulating wealth and when they have wealth then they don't have the health to spent it. Moreover, a time which once passed may never come back so we must not waste our life lightly. The monk who sold his Ferrari is a great book that helps us to make a balance in our lives and how every part of it is important to enjoy it fully. 

5) The Psychology of Money - Money is just not a five-letter word but it has much more influence on all of us. Money is so important part of our life that we can't think about living a good life in this world without money. However, we all know that billions of people in this world live miserable and poor life because of the lack of money and only 2% of the world's elite enjoys 80% of the world's wealth. One of the main reasons behind the unsuccessfulness of people with money is that they don't know well about money and its facts. The Psychology of Money is the best book to learn many secrets about money which only 2% of the world population knows. I can guarantee that this book will definitely change your perspective about money and you will be able to attract more money into your life. 

6) The Alchemist - I found this book one of the most motivational books in the world. We run here and there in search of wealth, love, and happiness; however, sometimes these things are hidden just below our feet. Every person can relate to this story and how we are running around the world to chase money and happiness. It is important to follow our dreams but we need clarity on this subject that what we want actually in life. We need to have the courage to follow our dreams unless we will remain working for much less than what we actually deserve.  

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