Life may not be perfect but it is not bad?


Life is a great gift of God to all of us but not all individuals appreciate this gift. It is easy to find many people with numerous complaints about life. Life is very short so we should live it fast. (Click to read this topic in detail). I will say that life is not perfect but it is not bad too. Life may be strange at some points, however, these are its own ways of teaching us. Life offers us many challenges and it depends on us that how we take these challenges. Taking the challenges in life is an art in which many people are not perfect. 

The main thing which I observed in complaining people is that they don't want to make changes in themselves and instead they want to change others. Due to this attitude, they make their life more difficult than others. Or I find people who fantasize so much about their lives that they forget about the reality. We can make changes in ourselves to accept things as they are. Mostly the problem in life is not with the situations in life but with the person's attitude towards the situations. A mentally strong person may find his life easy despite the many difficulties whereas a mentally weak person may find his life difficult despite many good things.

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If we want to enjoy life then we should develop a new and positive attitude for life which encourages us to see perfection in our imperfect life. Today, we live in a world of information available to us in few clicks. Therefore, today's generation is more affected by the influence of others. It is common to find pictures of millions of people online (on social media) enjoying their lives. This creates a complexity in us that why we are not having such a great life. However, we fail to see the reality behind these false faces. 

It is important to concentrate on our life than to think about others because others life has no power to affect us unless we allow it to do so. For happy life don't allow others to play with your mind. With control over your own mind, you can enjoy your life which may not be totally perfect. 

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