Don't allow others to play with your mind?

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If any person can anyhow succeed in reaching your mind, then he gets a chance to control you and your behavior because our mind has the power to control our body and behavior. Therefore, it is very important to guard our minds against any such attempt. 

The main problem is that our mind is constantly attacked to get access to it. People try to reach our minds through their talks, gestures, and behaviors. On the other hand, advertisers and strong people try to reach our minds with the help of advertisements, fake news, or other universal methods. 

Here the biggest catch is that we often don't have an idea of any attempt to play with our mind. Many people's mind is played with and they are used as Ginni pigs by others to fulfill their dreams. Now it is your choice to remain in the control of others or take back the control of your mind. 

We can only think independently and freely when our mind is either not controlled or influenced by others. We can take control of our minds by taking control of our thoughts (Read more at Your thoughts are your friend or your enemy). 

The difference between great people and ordinary people is that great people have control over their minds and they don't allow others to control or influence their minds, while on the other hand, ordinary people allow others to control their minds and get influenced by others. 

Now in which direction, we want our life to go and what we want to become an ordinary person or want to achieve something great in life. (If you want to dig deeper into this topic then do read Mind Manipulators are all around us, So do save yourself). 

I feel that it is very important to be aware of such things if we want to live a good, successful, and happier life. To achieve such a life, we need control of our minds in our hands and not in the hands of others. 

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