Mind Manipulators are all around us, So do save yourself

Mind Manipulators, save

In the last article on Mind Manipulators "It is important to keep away from people who play with your mind?", I told you that why it is very important to keep mind manipulators away if you want to achieve your own goals and live life of your dreams. Mind Manipulation is a technique used by many people to manipulate the thinking of someone for their own benefits. Mind Manipulators exist around us in so large numbers that you can hardly save yourself from their mind manipulations unless we can recognize them and knows to deal with them. A mind manipulator may be someone living in our own house or someone who is very close us or it may be someone whom we don't know at all. 

In the present world use of mind, manipulation has increased very much and mind manipulation is something not very new to our society. It is present in the world from the time of our existence on this planet. However, today it has become prominent because people are lacking truthfulness. People with bad intentions and sharp minds try to use innocent people for their own gains by using the technique of mind manipulations. In my 38 years long life, I have been tricked by many mind manipulators to actually work for their gain. Initially, I never realized that these people are playing with my mind to change my decisions and goals. For many years, I actually did the jobs which they needed to do or suffered pains which didn't belong to me. (Also read - Don't allow others to play with your mind?

These people just stayed away from all hard work and pain by playing with my mind and making me an emotional fool. Here, I am not saying that you should not help others; however, helping others is something different from suffering on their part. Some people very easily run away from problems by putting them on the shoulders of others. They never realize their own responsibilities; however, instead, they look for an easy target to use at the spot where actually they belong. Such people very cleverly move away from the main problem by giving hundreds of excuses. Once someone buys what they are saying, he becomes the victim of mind-manipulation and mostly, he never realizes that what has happened to him. 

I am just telling you all this to caution you about the mind game which is constantly taking place around us. If you don't free yourself from such mind games then you will never be able to achieve your own goals in life and live your life as you wanted. The mind is the main organ of our body which gives us the ability to decide what is right or wrong for us; however, when our mind is controlled by others then we lose this ability and it goes in the hands of others. 

Finally, it is your choice that you want to live your life as you always dreamt or you want to fulfill the dreams of others. If you want to live a free life, then it is very important for you to recognize the people who play with your mind. Once you learn to recognize such people, you will open doors for a free life which is totally dedicated towards your own goals. 

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