Your thoughts are your friend or your enemy

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Thoughts are a very common part of human life and we go through millions of thoughts every day and even while sleeping this process continues. The thoughts we have makes a great difference in our day-to-day life because of their effect on our mood. Good thoughts lead to a good mood and bad thoughts lead to a bad mood. Therefore it is very important to check our thoughts and doesn’t allow them to become our own enemy. We have the power to alter our thoughts and we need to utilize this power to make our thoughts positive. Sometimes we become a victim of the vicious cycle of bad thoughts and find it very hard to overcome them. Such negative thoughts if not controlled become our enemy. (Also read - Don't allow others to play with your mind?)

Many people live such a life in which their thoughts act as their enemies. They don’t have control over their thoughts so thoughts play with them. Mostly when we are free we get engaged in negative thoughts, thus it is very important to keep ourselves busy by engaging in some activity or work which we like. In this way, we can send over mind to relax mode and away from negative thoughts. If you don’t come out of this vicious cycle of negative thoughts then they can lead to serious mental health problems. Most of the mental health problems start with negative thinking, the more we think negatively the more we become a person with a negative attitude towards life.

To lead a good life it is very important to have thoughts which are our friends and not enemies. For all those people whose thoughts are their enemies, they don’t need enemies in the outside world because their own thoughts are enough to destroy them. So it is very important to work out our thoughts and try to make them as positive as we can. We can never completely wipe out negative thoughts from our mind but we can reduce their numbers significantly by engaging more and more in positive activities. Positive thoughts are our great friend and when we have such a good friend then life becomes very easy for us. Now it all depends on you that you want to make your thoughts your friend or your enemy.
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