Dark truth of modern world and 'Depression', Are you suffering from it?

Dark Truth, Depression,

In the present world, depression has become very common and it has become a silent killer. Today depression is the main reason behind many health issues and mental illnesses. However, the problem is that very less people are aware of the dangers of depression. It is very difficult to Recognize people who are suffering from depression from their outer outlook because in day-to-day life such people look quite normal. Therefore sometimes people are not able to recognize their own family members suffering from depression. 

Depression is a modern world disease and it is the gift of modern society. The more people are becoming alone the more the chances of depression entering their lives. They’re already many studies that clearly state that depression is a silent killer. Therefore it needs to be treated with care. In India, we are slowly becoming aware of the problems caused by depression. In the past three years, the rate of depression among people has increased significantly in India. As per studies, one out of every fifth people is either depressed or it needs psychological or psychiatric counseling. 

In the past, the joint family system was able to reduce the level of spread of depression among people because in a joint family there is always someone to take care of or to listen to your problems. However, when we are alone the chances of getting out of depression become very low. Today we need to think very carefully about this problem and not shy away from this problem. Many people suffering from depression don’t visit a doctor or a psychologist because they feel that people will think them mad. However, we need to understand that depression is a real problem and it can become very dangerous If remains untreated.

In India, we lack the proper infrastructure to tackle the ever-increasing mental health problems. Like physical health mental health is also very important and even some studies claim that mental health is more important than physical health. So we need to properly take care of our mental health. In the near future, We can expect a more rising in the number of people suffering from mental health problems like depression because of the modern lifestyle and how people are becoming isolated. It is very important to help people around who are suffering from a mental health problem or depression because they may not have anyone else in their lives to support them. 

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