In the modern world, we try to make a modern society where everyone respects the other person, and his lifestyle. However, this reality is very much away from being true. The phenomenon of stereotyping is so common that we start putting others about whom we have no clear idea into some self created categories.

The bad thing about stereotyping is that it spread to the masses and many people are being judged wrongly and we create a bad atmosphere in the society. The problem with people is that they give too much attention to other's life and that they start creating stories about them. Such things are even more common in the educated class of society.

We can only construct a better society when every person of this society feels, he is free to live his life in his own way without fearing the pressure of society. The stereotyping is so common in our society that people have opinions about you even without coming in your contact.

Due to this reason, we see mistrust in society and it becomes hard to choose whom to trust and whom not. For a free and good society, we need to stop stereotyping, thus giving others a fair chance to live their lives. I request you all to not immediately judge anyone just because of their appearance, lifestyle, religion or some rumors.

Give a fair chance to others to prove what they are all about rather than accepting what others think. Our society needs a change to become a society where we respect each other's differences.