Life Begins where fear ends (Osho) Success Mantra 8

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In the previous post, we learned about the importance of confidence in life to achieve success, and today, we will learn why fear is our enemy and how it stops us from achieving our goals. 

"Life begins where fear ends. OSHO"

Today, I am starting my post with a quote by the OSHO on fear and I found it very much true. I have seen many people in life not able to live their lives to their full potential because of some fear. Now, this fear may be different for different people depending on their situations, however, one thing is very much clear fear stops many people from living the life that they want. Without overcoming the fear no one can think about living a free life because his concentration will always be on the fear. Therefore, if we want to live a life as per our will then we need to overcome our fears. 

It is quite true to us that people who have achieved great success in life are the people who have overcome their fears and did things in life that they first feared. Recently, I was driving on a narrow hilly road. I was fearful at first but I overcome my fear with a careful and slow drive. Soon, I was able to enjoy my ride on these narrow roads and it becomes one of the most favourite road trips which I will always remember.  The job of fear is to stop us from achieving success in life. 

Somewhat fear is good for all of us and reminds us to not do things that are harmful to us. However, when we start giving too much importance to fear than to our own potential then it starts doing harm to us. Instead of giving energy to your fears, one must focus on his dreams and actions. With careful efforts and preparation, we can overcome most of our fears and do things that we were fearful of doing earlier. For example, if you are fearful of speaking in English then you can overcome this fear with practice in front of a true audience. No one is born as a learned person from the womb of the mother, we all learn here in this world only. 

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"To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong. Joseph Chilton Pearce"

We all express our freedom through our creativity. If we fear too much then we will lose our creative powers. Many things can happen to things done by us and there may be many reactions to our expressions and thoughts. The world in which we live is very fast in criticism because they are fearful of change. So, we should not fear and not let the fears of others disrupt us from achieving our goals. 

Fear has no power unless we give it is the power to control us. Fear is a creation made by us and we are responsible for its creation. So, from today stop giving energy to your fears instead work on your goals and energize them with positive vibes.

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"Fear is only as deep as your mind allows."

The other biggest change faced by people is fear of the change. Accepting the change is the biggest problem for many people. They simply don't want to change and cling to the past or present. However, change is certain to take place and we can't avoid it. In this way, they spoil their future by not changing when they are required to change. 

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"Change is the law of life and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future. John F. Kennedy"

So, if we have to enjoy life and live it as per our own rules then we must say goodbye to the fear of our life. 


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