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In 2015, I wrote a similar post for my Hindi Thoughts (Suvivhar) app. (To read this post Click Here). In this post, I requested you to download and try my Hindi Thoughts app. I am Arvind Katoch and I am running my Hindi Thoughts (Suvichar) and Quotes site for the last 10 years. Today, this site offers millions of Hindi Thoughts, Hindi Quotes, and Suvichar in the form of HD picture messages. You also get a chance to read the translation of all Hindi Thoughts with their meanings in Hindi and English. 

To make it easy for you to read these Hindi Thoughts and Quotes, I create many Hindi Thoughts (Suvichar) App, and the name of my first app was Best of Hindi Thoughts and Quotes. With time, we need to leave the old app for the new and improved version. The last two apps got more than one million downloads and 4 plus ratings on Google play. 

Hindi Thought, Suvichar, Hindi Quote,

Hindi Thought, Quote, Suvichar,

Now I have launched a new version of the app which allows you to even read the meanings of the Hindi Thoughts and Hindi Quotes. In this single app, you can easily access almost all the Hindi Thoughts available on the official site. It is very easy and simple to read the best Hindi Thoughts and Suvichar on this app and you have multiple options to share them with others. 

Download New Hindi Thoughts with Meanings App 

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Today, you can find many copies of the apps with similar names online whereas my apps are the oldest and they offer the maximum number of Hindi Thoughts, Hindi Quotes, and Suvichars to read. It is much easier to share these Hindi Vichars with a single click. 

To keep the app size small, all images load from the external source (not making any pressure on your mobile memory). App buttons are very simple and you can easily manage them. 

I look forward to the same kind of love for the new app as you have given to my previous app. You can reach me at email - to send any complaint or suggestion related to the app. 

Download New Hindi Thoughts with Meanings App 

Examples of Latest Hindi Thoughts and Quotes -


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Hindi Thought on Health and Wealth

Download New Hindi Thoughts with Meanings App 
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