Increasing water crisis across the world

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It is very important to understand the importance of a clean environment and to make efforts to keep water and air clean. Here on earth, we human beings take all things for guarantee and leave no chance to exploit them or corrupt them. Water is also one such commodity that is highly exploited by human beings for their own benefit to the extent that many parts of the world are suffering from the great water crisis.  The water crisis has become a so big problem in the present world that hardly, there is any person in this world who has not heard about this problem. As per rough estimates, there is 50% of the population on the earth that is under threat of a water crisis. 

That means every second person in the world either faces this problem or can face this problem in the coming times. There are many places in our world where people's only job is to collect enough water for daily usage and to accomplish this, people travel for kilometres or wait for the water tankers to come for hours to get water. In the history of mankind, water was never in so much demand. However, with the growing need of mankind and the unplanned use of water resources, we are facing an acute water shortage. 

Increasing water pollution is making our water resources non-usable. Already there are many rivers, ponds, and lakes around the world where toxic levels have gone so high that no one can drink water from them. The major problem with this issue is that most people understand the level of this problem but nobody is ready to do anything. We all want our governments to take all necessary action but at the individual level, we don't want to do anything. Many world governments also failed in providing good water management and solving this issue. 

In the near future with the increasing population, we can only hope to see an increase in this problem unless some concert steps are taken in saving water, cleaning water, and managing water.

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