India's achievements on 76th Independence day

 Today, India is celebrating its 76th Independence day. We can easily see millions of Indian flags hoisted on millions of Indian homes. All this happening because of the call of the Indian Prime Minister to hoist Indian flags on Independence day to make this day memorable. We are seeing a great response to this call from all parts of India and every Indian is very enthusiastic about the 76th Independence day. In 75 years India has achieved many things and we have become a self-sufficient nation from a dependent nation. It was common to hear stories of millions of people dying because of famines. 

At that time, we have to look at the developed nations for help with food and medical supplies. But now, we are in a position to help many other nations. Due to the Ukraine conflict, many nations are facing food shortages because they were getting their food items from Ukraine. However, this conflict has put no effect on India as we are self-sufficient in growing enough food items like wheat, rice etc to feed all of our population. Vaccinating more than 2 billion doses of corona vaccine to the Indian population is also a major milestone for the Indian pharma industry. 

Growth Story of India's defence sector

On the 76th independence day, we used Indian-made artillery guns to fire which is a great achievement for our nation. We have made great achievements in developing world-class road and rail networks. Our present government is spreading the network of world-class highways and expressways across India so that we can reach anywhere in the shortest time. Soon, the Bullet train will also start running in India. In space technology whole of the world now appreciates the work of India and ISRO. Similarly, in defence, we are able to make many advanced weapons in India like a fighter plane Tejas and 155 mm artillery guns (Dhanush)

We have made some of the highest and widest dams in the world that supply water to the longest canal systems in the world. We are able to generate enough electricity for the requirement of the whole country and we see a major push on renewable energies like Solar and hydroelectricity. The Indian software industry is already a hit and we are front runners in IT revolutions. Tourism is the other sector which is growing very fast in India because we have so many things to offer to the world. The Indian film industry and Indian films are already very famous around the world and it is common to find fans of Indian films and film stars across the world. 

India as a nation achieved many things in the last 75 years but now its speed of achieving new heights has further increased. So the time is not far away when we will see India at the top position in the world. 

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