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 Today, the Russia-Ukraine war has entered the second month and this war is leaving behind lots of devastation and catastrophe. It is quite surprising to see millions of innocent people suffering in the present times. The common people are responsible for bringing this war, however, they are the biggest losers in it. The big leaders of both sides whether it is Russian President Putin or Ukrainian President Zelensky are putting their egos above the lives of innocent people from both sides. The heavy bombardment by the Russian army is converting many beautiful cities of Ukraine into ghost towns. We can find the solution to any problem by finding the common grounds through talks however, attacking a nation is not a solution. 

The blame game can be very big and the world is divided on fixing who is the main culprit for war. Though, the majority of the world condemns the approach of Russia in handling this matter and threatening a country like Ukraine which is much smaller and weaker than it. In this free world, we can't force people to follow our own agenda. Russian President Putin is overusing his authority and power to destroy a beautiful nation that doesn't bow to its wish. In the twenty-first century, wars can't be justified. In the first month of the war, the causalities of common people are very high. Common people of Ukraine are suffering both physically and emotionally. 

Russian ambitions to create USSR again is the wrong move because USSR went down because of its shortcomings. It was a perfect solution then no nation would have dropped from it. People like the west and European nations because of their good track record of human rights and democracy. In these countries, people feel free to express themselves as they want. On the other hand, Russia is becoming an authoritarian nation and wants to control people with its superior power. With this approach, Russia is never going to become a successful and strong nation. Putin's move of attack on Ukraine has put the Russian economy in danger thus causing unnecessary difficulties for the common people. 

The solutions to most of the world's problems lie in democracy. We need to encourage democracy across the world so the real power can go into the hands of ordinary people. The leaders at the top position should have a limited period on the top unlike the leaders like Putin who change rules to stay permanently in the power.