The Growth story of India's defence sector

After becoming Prime Minister of India in 2014 for the first time, Narendra Modi has given full push to the Indian defence sector, therefore, India has been steadily working towards enhancing its capabilities in the defence sector. I have already discussed India's achievements in the previous post (Click to read). The country has experienced significant growth in its defence industry in recent years. From the production of Indigenous fighter aircraft to aircraft carriers, India has succeeded in many fields related to defence industries. Many nations are now looking towards India to fulfil their need for defence equipment. India has significantly improved its import of defence products like artillery guns, bulletproof jackets, missiles etc. This list is only becoming large with each passing year as India is developing newer and newer products in the defence category. The defence industry has the great potential to increase the GDP of India and provide employment to millions of people. Below we can find the main reasons that are responsible for the growth of the Indian defence sector. 

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1) Indigenous Production: India has been focusing on developing its indigenous defence manufacturing capabilities. The government's "Make in India" initiative aims to promote domestic defence production and reduce reliance on imports. This includes the production of various defence equipment such as aircraft, helicopters, missiles, tanks, and naval vessels. Read Earlier Post - Tejas fighter aircraft proud for India. Thanks to these efforts India has succeeded in developing Indigenous fighter plan, fighter helicopters, aircraft carriers, destroyers etc. 

2) Defence Expenditure: India has consistently increased its defence expenditure over the years. It is one of the largest defence spenders globally. The government has allocated significant funds to modernize the armed forces, improve infrastructure, and enhance the overall defence capabilities of the country. But to do all this, India has trusted Indian defence companies or companies which have at least 50% Indian partnership. Because of this reason, we are seeing a growth in Indian defence manufacturers. Many top companies in India are also entering into the defence sector to make defence products. 

3) Defence Technology and Research: India has been significantly investing in defence research and development to foster innovation and technology advancement. The Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) is vital in developing indigenous defence technologies, including missiles, radars, electronic warfare systems, and more. They are also transferring patented technology to private Indian manufacturers so that they a strong defence infrastructure can be developed in India. For the growth of the defence sector of any country, it is important to involve the private sector because all work can't be done by the government-owned industry. 

4) Strategic Partnerships: India has pursued strategic partnerships with various countries for defence cooperation. These collaborations involve technology transfer, joint exercises, and co-production of defence equipment. For example, India has signed defence agreements with countries like the United States, Russia, Israel, France, and several others. This has resulted in the enhancement of technology of Indian defence equipment and now the power of Indian defence force has increased significantly. 

5) Naval Power: India enjoys a large sea boundary and it knows to become a world power, it needs a strong naval force which can fight for Indian rights in the disputed territories. India has been emphasizing the development of its naval capabilities. The country aims to enhance its blue-water navy and has been investing in new aircraft carriers, submarines, surface vessels, and maritime surveillance systems to bolster its maritime security. 

6) Space and Cyber Security: In addition to traditional defence, India has also recognized the significance of space and cyber security. The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has achieved notable milestones in space exploration and satellite technology. Thanks to numerous satellites in the sky, Indian defence forces are able to put an eye on the movement of enemy activities. The country has also been focusing on strengthening its cyber defence capabilities. 

 It's important to note that defence sector growth involves a wide range of factors and is a continuous process. The progress and achievements of India's defence sector can be better understood by referring to more recent and specific reports from reliable sources.
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