Don't waste clean drinking water, it is a sin


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Is water wasting a sin? and Why should not waste clean drinking water?

It is common to find people who don't understand the importance of clean drinking water. The main reason behind it is that they are not aware of the scarcity of water present in different locations and parts of India and the world. The water crisis is on rise across the world affecting many nations and people. Today while walking in the morning, I saw at least two homes from where tap water was overflowing continuously and no one was bothering to close it down. I felt very much pained to see much water being wasted in front of me and I was helpless to do anything. In India, the tap-water in many places comes at a fixed monthly cost irrespective of the usage of water. Therefore, people exploit this thing to over-use or wastewater. Water wastage is a crime because millions of people across the world don't get clean drinking water and in many places situation is very bad. Therefore, It became the combined duty of everyone to not waste a single drop of water. 

Why clean drinking water is important?

We already know that only 1% of the available water on the earth is fit for drinking despite the presence of big oceans because oceans' water is not fit for drinking because of high levels of impurities in it. By wasting water, we not only waste water but also increase environmental pollution. Due to this habit of waster wasting, a lot of drinkable water becomes non-drinkable and polluted water. Higher use of plastics around the world is also polluting our water resources and making a lot of drinkable water unfit for drinking. We should treat the problem of plastic pollution strongly to stop plastic from polluting our land and water. In countries like India, the major problem is non-awareness about the conservation of water. India is a country of rivers, lakes and ponds. We also get abundant rain in most parts of India, therefore, many people don't understand the severity of this problem. 

The Government of India and state governments are working on many water programs to provide help in the conservation of water. But with this, we also need to work on self-awareness programs where we should educate the common people about the importance of clean drinking water and how it is not enough for everyone. In many African countries, people are forced to drink animal blood to quench their thirst because of the non-availability of water. So, we need to wake up before the situation becomes so bad in our country too. We need to work on programs that ensure the availability of safe drinking water to every person and also punish people who waste water consciously.  

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