Importance of Clean drinking water (Why is clean water important?)


Why is clean water important?

I have already written multiple times about the Importance of a clean environment. Today, I will focus on one important part of a clean environment, and that is clean drinking water for all. We all know that 71% of our earth is made of water so to achieve the goal of a clean environment, we need to keep the water clean. Sadly, we all know that poison of pollution has already polluted large amounts of water across the world (read more on Controlling Pollution). We may find so much water on the earth but most of this water is not usable and we can only use 2% of it. Out of it, only 1% is fit for drinking. Today, we have developed technologies to convert seawater into drinking water but these methods cause lots of environmental pollution in the form of high-saline waste. Many scientists have predicted that in the future, it will be very hard to find clean drinking water because of the decrease in water sources and increased pollution of water. 

We all know that global warming is causing the earth's temperature to rise and that results in affecting the water cycle across the world. Due to this, rains have become less constant, they are sudden in nature and they are concentrated in some parts only. Due to this reason, we witness either floods or droughts in upcoming years which will result in an acute shortage of water. The problem is that man has so far not understood the importance of water and we still either wasting it or polluting it on a large scale. The survival of any man is not possible without water and he may die within a few days without water. 

Every person needs 6-8 glasses of clean water every day but not every person is so lucky to get clean drinking water.  As per the World health organization report, less than 50% population in India has access to clean drinking water. When we compare the world data then 1 out 3 people do not have access to clean drinking water. For the good health of any individual, it is very important that he or she should get clean drinking water because many people across the world suffer due to waterborne diseases and many of them even die.   

Around 60% of any adult's body is made of water and from this fact, we can understand the importance of water. Not only our body is mainly made of water but it also requires water for many of its functions. If we drink polluted water with chemical impurities like arsenic and fluoride then it causes major damage to our organs leading to multiple health issues. Unclean drinking water is also responsible for many waterborne diseases. 

Today, we need to fight at two levels, first to stop water shortage and second to provide clean drinking water. We can improve the situation to a great level by improving our water management system and stopping water pollution. In many places, we are still using the old water management systems and we are unable to stop water pollution. Still, the sewer waste of many cities is flowing untreated into the rivers and the same is the reality with industrial waste. The time has come when we should start looking at water as a very important thing for our survival. 

Already, we have done great damage to our environment and water system but still, we can make positive changes by taking the right steps. This problem can only be resolved when the whole world comes together to solve it. 

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Don't waste clean drinking water, it is a sin

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