Content is the King for Success in blogging


 It is the dream of any new blogger to become a successful blogger and create a blog that is read by millions of readers. However, we all know that 90% of bloggers leave blogging at some point because they fail to achieve consistent growth of readers. They also start feeling bored and uninterested in blogging due to a lack of growth in audience and money-making opportunities. Many people enter blogging to make money and soon start feeling demotivated when the desired cash doesn't come their way. I have discussed this topic in the previous blog post "Make writing your passion and not a way to earn money alone". The reason for the failure of many people in blogging is that they are only interested in money and not in blogging. To be successful in blogging, any person needs to be very patient and have the ability to write well and write regularly.  

For the Success of a Blog or Blogger

For the success of any blog or blogger, his content is mainly responsible. If he creates good content then he will succeed in the long run and if he can't generate good content on regular basics then he can't survive in blogging. For success in blogging, you need all the important skills a blogger must have. Without that, you will never succeed as a blogger. Today, I will concentrate only on the content of the blog and I have found in my 19 years of blogging experience that it is the most valuable thing for any blog. A blog will succeed or fail is mainly decided by its content and not by its looks. However, the problem is that new bloggers focus more on the looks of the blogs than on the content of the blog. Whereas a new blogger must only concentrate on the content of the blog because it takes time to learn to create good and engaging content for blogs. 

Remain away from AI tools for writers

Today, we may find many tools based on Artificial intelligence for writers but I will suggest new writers should remain away from them because they will kill your originality and imagination. We can use these tools for minor help only like spelling suggestions or grammatical mistakes etc. However, to become fully dependent on them is a great mistake. As a blogger or a writer, you need to develop your own style of writing and this is the way to success in writing or blogging. People love many writers and bloggers not for the look of their blogs but for the style of their writing and how informative their articles are? 

A good blogger always depends on himself and his own creativity

So a good blogger always depends on himself and his own creativity. The more creative you become in making your content the more the chances of people loving your content. When your content is good and informative then they will come back to read it again and again. But if the content of your blog is not good then no one will come to read it. The potential of blogging is very high and we can achieve great success in it but we need the right approach and true guidance in becoming successful. A successful blogger always knows that he can create more and more content without becoming disinterested or demotivated. 

Content will always remain king in Blogging

In my 19 years of blogging experience, I have seen that good content is always in demand and with time, we see the emergence of new kinds of content. With the entry of high-speed internet, people are now making video blogs because people love to watch videos than read long articles. But this does not mean that readers have disappeared because there are still many people who love to read than watch videos only. Moreover, we can find more information in written form than in video form. The main thing again remains the same people love the content whether it is an article, an image or a video. 

So to become a successful blogger, you should always concentrate on creating good content and develop an ability to create new and new content. After that, no one can stop you from becoming a successful blogger with many good opportunities. 

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