Why the use of artificial intelligence (AI) based automatic writing tools is a deadly affair?

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In my last post, What changed in blogging in the last 19 years? I told you about my experience of blogging 19 years back. At that time, I was an amateur writer and I always wished for some automatic tool to write. At that time such tools were not available but Today, we can find a number of artificial intelligence (AI) based automatic writing tools for writers, and many writers have already started using them. Recently, I also got a chance to try these tools to improve my articles. In these tools, you need to provide some hints on the topic on which you want your article, and the rest of the work is done by AI only. You definitely get a good piece of content perfect in all parameters but these written pieces miss your writing style and you don't get a chance to think and ask your brain to provide the content. If we keep on depending on AI for all our writing work then soon our own ability to write a good post or article will severely get hurt and we will be no more in command over our writing. Every writer loves to have automatic tools that can write for him but it is a self-destroying practice in the long run. When we become dependent on something then soon we start forgetting how things can be done by us. 

A person becomes a good writer only after good hard work and time spent in writing. In this journey, he learns many valuable lessons and generates a command over his writing. The main thing about any writer is his style which he has developed over many years after a long hard work. Artificial intelligence doesn't think like humans and it works on the input feed in it. If every writer starts using AI tools then we will see monotonous content around us. I am not against AI but I want to caution everyone about its overuse and becoming dependent on it. We need content that is developed by humans for humans and it should have the feeling of any writer in it. An AI tool will write the same kind of pieces for all the writers thus we may not get the feeling of the writer from it. 

I can give guarantee that any writer who overuses Artificial intelligence-based tools then soon, he will lose his ability to write well. Artificial intelligence is evolving very fast to make human life easy, however, I feel that it is making people dependent on it. If we didn't step away from the over usage of AI then we start feeling like handicaps without AI. I feel that the human mind is very strong and it doesn't need any AI for its help. The more we use our brain the more its performance increases. Similarly, the challenges it gets the wiser it becomes. Therefore, AI can weaken our minds and decrease our potential to do various jobs. 

After using a few AI tools for automatic writing, I decided to stay away from them because they are serving readymade things to me which is stopping my mind from working. I want to remain dependent on my mind as much as I can instead of any artificial intelligence. Now, it depends on you what you choose for yourself, a sharp mind or a dependence on AI. 

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