Don't just look for a Godfather instead become one for others


Do you have a Godfather in your life?

Today, I am going to talk about a special person to whom we also refer as a godfather because this person is responsible for the happiness of many other people. Around us we see many people living happy and good life because they have a person in their lives who is always ready to solve all their problems and help them in every situation. 

We can define Godfather as a person who comes into the life of a person to make his life more comfortable and easy by taking care of all his needs. 

Now, this godfather can be any person, your father, mother, brother, sister, a known person or maybe an unknown person too. The main good point of any godfather is that he provides unconditional help to the person and saves him from many difficult situations in life. Therefore every person looks for a godfather in his life too so that he can make their life beautiful too by solving the problems of their life. But unfortunately, many people are not so lucky to have a godfather or simply we can say that they don't have any person in their life who can support them unconditionally. 

I saw many people around who have a godfather in some way in their lives who is supporting them in all the problems. On the other hand, large numbers of people are those who don't have any godfather or a person who can support them. Such people become sad and dissatisfied with their lives. However, under such circumstances, we need to learn to live life in the absence of a godfather. In this way, we can become stronger people. The better way is always to depend on oneself and not depend on others secondly, it is the fate which decides whether we will find a godfather in our life or not. We know that we don't control our fate and we can only live according to the present circumstances. 

But we can do a much better thing than finding a godfather and this thing is becoming a godfather for others. There are many people in the world who genuinely need our help and we should help them if it is possible for them. It is not the size of help which matters but a small help is also equally important for some. Giving is a great habit and it makes us good people too. There are so many people and other living beings who constantly need our life and sometimes, the help needed by them is very small and it is within our reach. So, we should help them without any hope for favour in the future. In this way, we can find a godfather for the other and people will love us for that. 

When we decide to become a godfather to others then we show our maturity as human beings and this also opens many new paths of happiness for us. We also become a part of their good memories and they remember us throughout our life. 

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