In the past article, I discussed how deep-rooted selfishness is in human life and how most human beings are selfish by nature. Today, we see most of the miseries and problems in the world are caused by the selfish approach of a few people. A tendency of individuals to consider themselves first and others second is causing many problems. When a situation is related to themselves then they have some other approach and when the same situation is related to others, they completely change their stand. Due to this reason, we see a preferential approach for some and whereas other people suffer. The main problem is that selfishness is present in every person to some level and we all are selfish. Now the level of selfishness can be different among different people. The main danger comes when selfishness and greed meet together to make things even worst. 

Such people put everything aside to justify their wrong deeds and actions. We already see the bad practices of many industrialists that are increasing world pollution. On the other hand, our corrupt leaders and government officials fail to control them. We all know that it is very important to control pollution because it is harmful to every living individual on this earth. But selfishness and greed of a few people are not allowing this to happen. We have become so selfish that we have stopped thinking about future generations. With so much damage to the environment, we have put caution marks on the survival of our beautiful earth

Not only, we are selfish in making policies for the environment but we are also making policies for humans which are wrong at the level of equality. Things are made in such a way that they become more accessible to the rich than the poor. A poor person dies in the worry of not meeting basic needs and on the other hand, rich people perform scandals worth billions of rupees. 

We can only make a good world for everyone when we start to consider everyone at an equal level if we keep on giving preferences to some because of their power, money, religion or creed etc then we can never succeed in making a healthy and good world for every individual. 

Today, a few people enjoy all the luxury and freedom of life while many others suffer to meet their basic needs. We need selfless leaders who make policies which are not directed towards some only and they are made by considering the welfare of all then only we can think about changing this world and making it a happy place to live for everyone. 

So next time when you take any decision at your level then do consider the welfare of everyone. 

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