Deep Rooted Selfishness in Human Life


Many times, we blame many people around us for being selfish to us; however, with time, I have realized in life that selfishness is present at the core of human existence and it shapes human existence. It is very difficult for us to imagine a world without selfish people in it. The selfishness of each person motivates him or her to achieve specific goals and accomplishments in life.

At the core, every person is a selfish being and we first look for our welfare first than for others. We expect others to behave selflessly; however, in reality when we ask for this then we are behaving ourselves in a selfish manner. Our world is unique and moves forwards because selfishness motivates people to move forward leaving behind what is not important or not related to them.

Selfishness is attached to the human ego and it helps a person in shaping his or her own identity. In this world, every person is motivated by his self-ego to do a number of selfish acts to get what he feels is important in his life. To achieve such things in life, many times people do not care about others and their emotions. Finally, we level such people as selfish human beings; however, in reality, we all are selfish in some or another way.

If anyhow, all people in the world start behaving selflessly then our world may not retain the same charm and attraction. Though, it is wrong to be highly selfish in every aspect of life; however, it is also important to understand that selfishness will remain part of human existence.
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