Suicides in India are increasing at an alarming rate of 7%



Suicide takes place when a person kills himself or ends his life by any means.  In the recent few years, the number of suicides by people has increased at alarming rates, and at present, this rate is 7%. Due to the pressure of life, work, and relationship, many people are finding it better to end their lives than to live. This shows hopelessness among people to live and this trend is increasing. People are suffering from mental illnesses like acute depression etc which are further pushing people to end their lives. If a person dies because of an accident or illness then it is another story but if he kills himself then it shows that we have made life very inexpensive. Even if the person who commits suicide is not known to us still it is a sad situation that a person left this world in pain. Our object here should be to make a world where every person can live happily but the increasing suicide rates tell the other story. If suicide rates are increasing so fast then something is wrong and we need to correct it. 

It is very easy to find news about the number of people committing suicide on a daily basis and as per the report around 1,60,000 people committed suicide in the recent period. The major concerning point about the suicide problem is that people who are committing suicide are from all classes of society, therefore this whole problem points towards a deep-rooted social problem that is affecting many people in our society irrespective of their caste, age, religion, or financial conditions. Many doctors are also of the belief that if this problem is not solved soon then we can see more increase in the suicide rate in coming years. The major reason behind these suicide problems is decreasing the ability of people to handle well various social, mental, and health-related problems. 

There is another study that states that the chances of suicide by people earning less than 5,00,000 rupees are more than the people who earn more than 5 Lakh. Recently, a farmer committed because he was unable to pay a loan of just 1 Lakh rupees. Lack of wealth can be attributed number one reason behind these suicides. In our world, the distribution of wealth is highly uneven, and only a few people control all the wealth, therefore, a lot of suffering from a lack of wealth and sometimes even take hard steps like suicide. 

The other major reason behind the suicides is decreasing love and trust in relationships. In the lack of good relationships, people find it hard to share their minds with others and they get no help from anyone. When we are in a good relationship then the other person listens to our problems and sometimes even helps us in finding a solution. Living in small and nuclear families is making these problems even bigger because we don't have enough people to share our emotions. 

We need to work on ways to live a happy life so that no person ever thinks about committing suicide and we all see happy people around us. 

In the end, I can say that suicide is not a solution and we should act like a fighter if such things come to our mind. With a positive attitude, we can win in any situation. 

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The reason behind the Suicides 

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