BJP heading for Landslide victory in Gujarat (As I predicted)

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 As I predicted in my last post on the Gujarat election the BJP enjoys a strong base in Gujarat plus it benefits from the weak opposition (Read this post - Who will win Gujarat Election 2022). In this post, I touched on all the possible topics and outcomes related to Gujarat assembly election 2022. The conclusion of the article was that BJP will be very comfortable in Gujarat and this looks to happen as earlier results are predicting 150 seats for BJP in Gujarat. Congress looks to reduce to a party with less than 20 seats, while AAP looks to gain a few seats on the cost of Congress.  In the last assembly election, Congress gave a very strong fight to BJP and succeed in winning 77 seats and also stopping BJP below 100 seats. 

Why Congress lost of 2022 Gujarat Assembly election?

In AAP party actually benefited BJP in Gujarat by cutting the votes of Congress. Moreover, Congress was not able to work in these assembly polls as it worked in the last assembly polls of 2017.  Congress also suffered a loss in the form of Ahmed Patel who was a strong leader of the Gujarat Congress. In 2017, Congress also had the support of Hardik Patel who has now joined the BJP. Moreover, these elections are more for Narendra Modi than for the other leaders. The people of Gujarat want to give the message that they are strongly standing with him. 

AAP party tried hard but it achieved little as per the claims of its leaders. The good news for AAP is that this time it will get some seats in Gujarat unlike in 2017 when most of its candidates even failed to secure minimum votes. 

In the end, we can say that BJP enjoys great support in Gujarat and so far, it looks unlikely that any political party or alliance can remove it from the state. 

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