Pollution problem due to plastic and its solutions

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We all love to be in a clean environment because when our environment is clear and clean, only then we can live a peaceful and healthy life. No one wants to live in a place full of human and industrial waste because it causes significant harm to their mental and physical health. However, it has become the destiny of many people to live in acute polluted places due to the lack of clean places to live. In India, we cannot remove and destroy all the waste produced by humans and industries. So we see piles of human and industrial waste in many places causing pollution. In the present world, pollution is emerging as a big problem for a large population of the world. 

In some parts of the world, this problem has become very serious causing a threat to the life of people, animals and birds. One of the reasons behind the increase in pollution is the use of non-recyclable polythene or plastic around the world. This plastic takes thousands of years to fully decompose and therefore, we see an increase in pollution created by plastic and plastic materials. Today, Plastic has become a threat to our society because of its non-degradable properties and many side effects. Plastic has emerged as one of the biggest threats to human society because plastic waste are piling up around the world causing great earth pollution problems.

What are some solutions to reduce plastic pollution and waste?

Today, we have two solutions available in front of us to solve this problem, one is banning the use of polythene and the second is using recyclable polythene which can easily be reused and recycled. We can use HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) for making recyclable plastic items like bottles, pipes etc. There are several companies in the present world that supply HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) for making recyclable plastic items and we need to encourage them so that we can decrease the pollution caused by plastic. HDPF was developed jointly by Paul Hogan and Robert Banks of Phillips Petroleum in 1951. In many parts of the world, this material is used for making recyclable plastic items and limiting pollution caused by plastic. An increase in the use of recyclable plastic can significantly solve the pollution problem of the world due to plastic.

Banning plastic items

Banning plastic is not a great solution without developing a similar non-polluting product. Plastic is a cheap product and it can be used for many purposes. Plastic has made the lives of many people on the earth very easy by making products available to them at a cheap rate and these products last for a long time too. Today, we can make many items only because of plastic so we can't remove it immediately from our lives. Plastic has made the lives of many people easy because of its flexibility to convert it into large numbers of products. It is good to ban low-density plastic because it is neither recyclable nor decomposes properly. Instead of banning plastic, we need to develop a material that has the properties of plastic but can be recycled or decomposed easily. 

 Plastic waste has become a threat to well being of our beautiful earth; therefore, it is important for us to stop the use of plastic and increase the use of durable and good products.

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